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Jordan Spieth's Putting Stroke

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The left hand low putting grip has been used by a number of PGA Pro's and amateur's alike but Jordan Spieth makes it look as easy as 1-2-3.

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I'm changing my putting grip as soon as I get onto a practice putting green! He alone this week has convinced me it's the way forward.
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Jim Furyk is playing awesome right now with the double overlap grip.  You boys thinking about making that change as well because a pro's having success?  For the record, I'm not knocking left-hand-low putting.  Hell, I switch to it from time to time.  But putting especially is about personal feel and confidence.  Hope the change is beneficial.  Once you've conquered cross-handed putting, Furyk's double overlap on full swings is your next challenge.



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Jim Furyk is playing awesome right now with the double overlap grip.



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I'll always try and copy the pro's, they seem to know what they're doing & I'm always looking on ways to improve my game, especially my poor putting.
I could do with Spieth's control & composure, nevermind his technique.
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I can only putt left hand low. Putt with what feels most comfortable for you and what's most effective. The most interesting thing I find about Spieth's putting is how he brings the putter grip forward right before he swings back. I don't see a ton of players doing that, is he just squaring up the face on his particular putter? He also seems to look at the hole on short putts...


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ive been doing left hand low for about 7 years now.  cant go back.

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I tried the look at the hole on short putts for a little bit yesterday....it was consistent....meaning I consistently hit right of the hole. 

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Does Jordan use more of an arced stroke or a straight back straight threw putting stroke?
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The key to Jordan's putting stroke is really his release. It's why he's so good at long putts. He just has such a smooth release and touch on his long putts. He's not as good with his short putts because you can't release it as much...it's more of a pop with the short putts. Aaron Baddeley was very similar with his putting motion but the problem with him is the rest of his game stunk. Loren Roberts also had a great release.

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Is it because he was a baseball player previously? I think it influenced a bit as well. 


Hard to follow up anyway from my fixed grip for years. 

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About the only thing I have in common with Jordan Spieth is I swing right handed but throw left handed in baseball, like he does.  I'm assuming his left hand is his "dominant" like mine.  


Cross-hand grip putting came very natural to me and I do get great distance control/tempo on my longer putts, for a part time golfer at least.     However, I don't feel as comfortable six feet in, so I've actually been using cross hand but with a more elbows in swing style on shorter putts.  


Long story short, I can understand how there might be a real obstacle there with Jordan as far as finding an elite putting level on short putts.

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