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Maxfli U/6

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Has anyone played these? I see they retail for about $44, which shocked me for a maxfli, i have a coupon to get $15 off 1dz of these, just curious if they're decent and worth a try. I generally play either Bridgestone B330 RXS or NXT Tour S as I prefer a very soft feel, I don't put a ton of spin on the ball so I need all the help I can get around the greens!
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I have played them.  I didn't really notice any difference from my normal ball the 330rx also.  Its a good ball but just as you said the sticker shock on a Maxfli.  They are worth a try.  I am sure you will stick with the bridgestone after you test them.

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I play golf with a guy that has hit every brand driver out there and a Maxfli is the only one he can hit straight.  I think that is a bit funny but I am not kidding.. do not know why but this is true.

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Thanks for the input.  The coupon is good til the end of June.  I'm debating if I basically want to spend $30 on them, $15 off isn't a bad deal though.  You can never have enough golf balls and I have a fairly decent sized stash right now. 

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If you were considering giving the U/6 a try they are 2 dozen for $60 at Dicks for each of the 3 models as of roday. The U/4 is 2 dozen for $50, and the U/3 is 2 dozen for $40. I have a dozen U/3's to try and if they perform as reviewed they may be my ball for the season.

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