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My Swing (raptureveteran)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 2 1/2 years (25-30 games)

My current handicap index or average score is: on par 61 last 3 outings: 84, 80, 79. Par 72: 105, 100

My typical ball flight is: high

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: reduce thin shots







I then noticed that my swing plane was too high, so i watched some videos and this was me just going a bit slower getting a little video to see if the takeaway was on a better plane.


ive been told that my body races faster than my hands, im not sure what that means. this is with a 5 iron, using practice balls. i have driver videos on my youtube page but im not posting them because they are from a year ago and ive been making a lot of little tweaks since then so i just want to concentrate on what i have here.


Some additional notes: I'm 6'5", i usually have no issue getting the ball very high. The purpose of me going crazy with training myself today is because ive come to find out im not  compressing the ball properly on contact so, here i am. Lastly, my clubs are short. i bought them off CL cheap when i started playing and i havent gotten them lengthened. so im doing the best i can with my setup.

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Perfect videos for you to check out. Your hips "slide" to your right on the backswing, here's what I recommend you do. Will make the backswing and downswing pieces A LOT easier.



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Thank you thank you.


im actually starting over by going through this video step by step:



someone on another forum said my grip was bad so im starting to work on that. my plane was also too high so ive been working on that, and someone said im too aggressive with my hips and that may be because i try and play chase because they sway back. i plan on posting videos tomorrow or friday since im going to head to the range

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