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I've bought from  3balls twice since last Dec. and no problems on my end.

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Originally Posted by turtleback View Post

Maybe something happened and maybe it didn't.  But what do we know for sure:


1)  The OP, prior to this thread, has never posted here before and therefore has no presence here nor any established credibility.


2) Therefore the OP's assurances about what he did and the steps he took and what 3Ball told him likewise have no established credibility.


3)  Lots of people here have used 3Balls without any problem.


4)  The OP claimed that it happened to him each time he used 3Balls recently, and that the problem, based on his cited experiences,, has existed for well over a year.


It is the 3 & 4 combination that is troubling.  If it is so rampant that the OP got hit twice, on his only 2 transactions separated by more than a year, then why is it that no one else has reported any such problem here, particularly when it is being claimed that it has been going on so long?  Surely if there was some ind of systematic or systemic problem it would have surfaced over the past year somewhere else.  It isn't as if no one on this site has ever heard of or purchased from them.


And while I am not saying that this is necessarily what the OP is doing, what better way for a used golf club site to try to shift business their way than to trash a competitor in a public forum composed of that company's potential customers.


In short, Shorty (see what I did there?) nailed it, IMO.

Well said, if any long standing member of this forum made such a claim it would be taken much more seriously than those that join just to ruin the reputation of a business

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