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so guys....  Last year I scored a set 5 - pw of Used Mizuno MP-32 irons really cheap (80usd).   I went to the range.. I was super impressed with the feel of them and the ball flight...  however I did notice that I lost quite a bit of distance.. that is to say.. for example.. my 9 iron from my previous set... taylormade burner 2.0 I could hit around 140.  the mp32 9 iron would only be good for about 130.  so about 10 yards.  and on an "off hit"  even less due to the obvioulsy smaller sweet spot. 

So I went back to my Burner's and have been striking the ball well....   Here's the situation now...  I've put the 8 9 and pw from the mp32 set back in the bag and taken out my PW from my burner and my 58 degree cleveland (i have a 60 already in there)  I use the 32's around the greens for chipping and bump and runs because they are softer.  But I will use them in a full swing shot if I feel like I need to be more accurate.   Does anyone think this will hurt me or should I just stick with one set or the other.  input??

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A lot of people play mixed sets, so nothing wrong with that and it could be argued that there is a lot RIGHT about doing it.  Distance, for me, isn't that big an issue, but accuracy certainly is and so I love clubs that are forgiving.  You just don't need that much forgiveness in the shorter irons/wedges.  The remaining "issue" may be overall club weight and swing weight.  Personally, I don't like having clubs that feel all that different, maybe it doesn't bother you, or maybe it isn't an issue with those particular clubs.  For me, again, this extends to the grips, I'm just happier if they all feel the same.  I read somewhere that irons are all about moving the ball toward the cup, nothing more, nothing less.  (That's paraphrased, not a direct quote.)  If that mix moves the ball effectively toward the hole for you it is a good thing.

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A lot of folks including professionals play with mixed iron sets. They are even offered by a few manufacturers in top line sets where you have more forgiveness in the longer irons and more feel in the shorter irons.
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