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Winter killed all the greens in the northeast!!! - Page 2

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Originally Posted by boogielicious View Post

How can you tell if the greens are Poa @wils5150 ?  I thought bent was more preferable in the Northeast.

poa or annual blue grass is a weed to some people. pretty much every old course has lots of poa unless the regrassed. you can tell poa by the seed heads it produces in the spring. its actually a nice surface to putt on once the seeds go away or are controlled with chemicals. my course is new and all bent yet there is now poa on it. pebble beach's greens are poa but there micro climate is perfect for its survival.

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The driving range definitely did not seem to be highly affected by the winter weather from this year.
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Every course with Poa annua greens in the Greater Toronto area was damaged, some significantly. Hamilton Golf & CC, which hosts the Canadian Open some years, has about 15 temporary greens. Courses with bent greens survived the winter.
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So far the greens have been very good here in southwestern PA.  All but one of my rounds have been on one 36 hole complex, though.  I haven't heard about any problems, though.

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There is an example. Three temp greens here too...
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Only been to 2 courses in NJ and they were lush and green here. Greens rolled pretty true
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It will probably be until sometime around middle June before the greens are brought back to life from the previous winter. The NH courses I have been to haven't looked all that bad, going to another on Memorial Day so we will see how that looks. 

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Ouch @Valleygolfer !  Good news is the greens I saw in the beginning of May that had these issues are coming back nicely.  

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Maybe I will play further south.
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I'm from the Niagara Region and some of our better, more expensive courses were severely damaged due to the harsh winter. Whirlpool Golf and Country Club has 17 of it's 18 greens completely re-sodded and under tarps at the moment to speed up growth. It won't be opening until June 1st. A lot of courses are suffering major financial losses due to damage and late openings. Some courses still aren't allowing carts to run because of the extremely wet conditions and the heavy rains 2 or 3 times a week. What a shitty spring after a brutal winter. The weather better warm up and stay that way soon or I have a few choice words for Mother Nature!!!!

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