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I had a buddy fall in a lake trying to play a ball once. 

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Yeah see I have a had a few close calls trying to reach for balls that are like down a ridge near the water.
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Not on course, but at the range last night I got bit by a few mosquitoes, now I have lumps the size of a half a golf ball on my head, arms, and 1 leg.................:blink: 

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The bugs actually haven't been too bad for me yet. If anything the birds have become a pest. They just sit around the green and do nothing. I go to take a chip shot and they don't even flinch.
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Once only, thank the lord, i hit my drive into 'negative' territory.  On the tee, loaded up the driver and let loose. My lifelong horrid habit is a deep right shoulder movement and this time i drove the club head into the turf behind the ball and popped the ball 10 yards into the air and 10 yards behind the tee box. Now, rather than 380 yards to the green i had 390 to go.  Well, all i could do was to chuckle a bit, accept the humiliation and get on with the next shot.  That's about the most memorable ugly tee shot for me. 

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Anyone who plays regularly has many embarrassing stories to share...LOL  This topic has been covered before and I've shared this story before............


This story immediately comes to mind............. I was a member at this public course, so many people know me.  The hole is a long uphill par5 and I hit into trouble from the tee and hack forward to get back into play.  I have about 200yds up a big hill to my green.   A par3 is to my left and a group of ladies I know are on the green.   My hole plays steeply uphill, but the par3 plays level.  The par3 tee box is 50yds left, 30 feet below my target, and obscured from view from my perspective.   I proceed to catch a little hosel and send a 4-iron rocket in that direction.   The women on the green were apparently watching me because they immediately start screaming "FORE" with extreme urgency at the men waiting on the tee.  Thanks ladies! 


I went and played my 4th shot from the par3 tee box with a group of players waiting to tee off........LOL    I proceeded to hit a beautiful high 60degree wedge up to my elevated green, but failed to make the par putt.   I felt a lot of dread going over to the tee box to play my shot....that's for sure!!  I was a 1-2HC at that time......I definitely had to swallow my pride to go play that recovery shot.

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Originally Posted by johnclayton1982 View Post

2nd tournament I've ever played in, member-guest at my buddies' club.   No "crowd" but probably 10-12 random people watching (near a refreshment stand).  Been working toward this tourney for a while, playing with my buddy who is a 2.  We got 3rd the year before.

Shotgun start, par 3, 3rd hole.  For some reason, I had a total brain fart.  I took aim at a the pin, swung, felt solid contact with a 7 iron.  The ball plopped down with a solid thud about 6 feet short and underneath the hole.  I looked at my buddy with a big smile, and saw he was looking at me like I had five heads.

It was the wrong green.  I had hit the wrong way off the teebox to the green of the par 5 2nd hole.  He had been busy and hadn't seen me laser the wrong hole.  We had no idea what to do, rules wise, so I sheepishly picked up my ball.  Luckily he par'd and it was best score of the two counts.

The playing partners we were with that day were still laughing.  One of them said my fist pump after the swing was the funniest part.

Oops. :P

f3_laugh.gif mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagagah

Anyway, for me it was last year, me n my buddy played on some course, then 6th hole, we catched up 4 girls in front of us, colourful clothes, pretty cute and they gave us a way, so we tee up, hit a really good drive, wowed them. Then we use our cart passed the ladies tee, act cool, while im checking my gps apps on my iphone, my friend try to open a bottle of beer while driving, then the disaster strucked us, we sent the cart straight to the bunker we ended up flip the cart into the bunker and we couldnt get out from the cart until a marshal came and save us. I havent play on that course again since that day a4_sad.gif
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Wasn't on the course.  It was on the driving range.  I was hittting 3 woods.  I almost whiffed, but barely hit the heel.  The ball came out nearly 90 degrees, barely missing my front leg.  It was not moving very fast, so it dribbled to a stop right in front of the guy hitting right behind me.  :8)

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My friends and I would go to Portugal on a Holliday and the guys who were golfers were supposed to go to a course while we were there. Two guys were beginners and one friend was experienced. I didn't play at the time and the experienced friend and I thought it would be fun to secretly teach me golf without saying anything to the rest of the group. I trained for about six weeks taking lessons twice a week. When we finally went to Portugal I was confident that I could beat the two beginners in my group.

The we went to the course we went to the rangefinder our warming up and I was really nailing my shots to the point that I actually started missing a few on purpose because otherwise I would look to good and blow the joke before we even teed off.

First hole, before the club house. People sitting on the terrace watching. The green was 20 yards lower then the tee box. I live in the Netherlands and we don't have a 20 yard difference in height anywhere. So I was pretty nervous and I blew up the first hole and the second and the third, fourth. Well you get the picture. It was four hours of the purest frustration. And at the end I told no one I took lessons and actually trained pretty serious. It took me three years to come clean about it.
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played green valley in thailand, it was the 17'th tee and i cut my tee shot straight over some trees and onto a par 3 ladies tee box, there were about 15 golf course employees working there and a group of people waiting to tee off.. so i pick up my sand wedge and gonna try and hit it over the trees, i thin it, hit a tree, bounce straight back onto one of the employees. 

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One of my first rounds playing and standing on the Par 3, I picked my 9i out of the bag (thinking it was a 6i) 

Hit it as well as I could and was delighted with myself as I grabbed my tee from the ground. 


Looked up to see my playing partners looking on quite puzzled.... I turned my attention back to the ball and watched as it landed 35 yards short....

WTF was my reaction, I slowly grabbed the club head to find out what I had just hit :8)


An embarrassing walk followed as we all laughed on our way to the ball.

"The best thing about it was the sheer delight on your face and your newbie cockiness as you reached for the tee.... we knew it was short as soon as you hit it" was ringing in my eyes as I stood over the second shot. 


So my worst moment was followed by my best.... I chipped my approach, one bounce and straight in the hole.... :dance:

As it dropped in, I turned to the group and said, I got the right club that time B-)

Think it was my first birdie too! 

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Originally Posted by hopefulhacker View Post

One of my first rounds playing and standing on the Par 3, I picked my 9i out of the bag (thinking it was a 6i) 

Hit it as well as I could and was delighted with myself as I grabbed my tee from the ground. 


Put me down for that one too, but I grabbed the 6 instead of the 9. :8)

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180yd par three end up in the sand to the left of the green. No problem I tend to be ok out of green side bunkers. This time I for whatever reason pick the ball clean out of the bunker and bounce it off of 2 cars in the parking lot about 75 yards away before it continues to roll down the street and into someone's front yard.
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Par 3, 3rd hole at Blackmoor GC in Richmond, Ohio. I reversed shanked the ball. I hit the outside of the ball with the outside of the hosel. The ball bounced and hit me. :doh:

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It was the first day of golf tryouts last year, and I was paired with a new freshman who ended up winning conference and another good golfer I knew. While shaking hands with the new person, a wasp flew down my shirt and started stinging me repeatedly. I'm slapping myself like a fool at this point, and I'm the first to tee off. After I remove the wasp from my shirt, I step up with a 3-wood and proceed to hit the most dangerous shot known to worm-kind: it skidded on the ground, not even making it to the ladies tees. All this in front of the new golf coach and the new player on the team.

After the round (I had played mediocre golf, with a triple bogey in between a couple birdies) the new player and coach came up toe surprised that I shot a 78. They both apparently didn't think I broke 90 after that tee shot and the triple!
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Nothing impressive for me.  Just dumb things like trying to hit through a small tree thinking the odds of clipping one of the 4 straw sized branches coming out of the trunk are astronomically small... only to hit one and have the ball drop dead within 5 feet of it.

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Topped a drive into a duck :(

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So many to choose from but the one that stands out the most with me was when I was a junior in a fairly competitive tournament years ago. I was on the 18th green with family, friends and spectators aside waiting and watching. I had previously missed a 10ft putt leaving it short about 6 inches and I let my opponents know I would finish out. I stepped up, made the stroke and stubbed the putter on the ground before contacting the ball, leaving it short about 2 inches. It was the cherry on top to an already dreadful day since I had no mental game at the time, but I still had fun. All you can do is laugh

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