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I have to agree with @BuckeyeNut on this one; when players go out in the morning, they often take the option to play again if it becomes available. Slow play doubly screws those players because it packs the course for the second 18 in addition to spoiling their first. And of course, they pay the most money so it becomes a really poor value for them. 


As far as level of play, I don't really judge. If you can keep a decent pace and you want to pay the extra money I don't begrudge you. Most players I meet aren't low handicaps but most know how to navigate the course and be considerate to others. When someone is an outsider we know it based on their pace of play.


I prefer to play in the afternoon because it's always easy to find open holes as a single or pair no matter where the players are. I sometimes have to play guerrilla golf but pay a lot less for the privilege.

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Originally Posted by Pretzel View Post

Tow switch?

It's usually under the seat in electric carts.  Used to tow the carts...  The cart has no power at all when the tow switch is flipped... :no:


What do you mean I can't play through?...  Oh, that sucks, looks like your cart went dead... guys i'm just going to play through while they bring you a new one....    NEVER -


and if you play that joke on your group, don't forget and drive off without flipping it back...

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

That's fine with me....


Groups that can't play in under 4hrs don't belong on the golf course where I play before 8am.........     If your group falls behind, you will likely be steamrolled if followed by regulars.    Please be sure not to play Stone Canyon early..that's for damn sure! 


There is a different standard of play for early morning golf.............You need to keep up with the early fast groups, or get off the course..IMO

Rofl, you might be hard pressed to keep up with me even with the difference in our handicaps. I can do 45 holes in 6 1/2 hours and that's even taking time to look for balls while I wait occasionally on people in front of me and stopping to grab refreshments after the first 18. When I did play in foursomes we were also faster players, typically right behind those in front of us. You strike me as the type of person who honks if someone doesn't move within 0.5 seconds when the light turns green because they are holding you up, haha. 

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@BuckeyeNut Where did you live in Ohio and what clubs did you join if you don't mind me asking?
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