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Why doesn't Phil play more?

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I'm an avid golfer. I love the game and love to watch it. I'm sure that there are more devoted fans than myself in the Sand Trap group, but it would be hard to imagine that the average golf viewer is more dedicated than myself.

I'm saying this because I have a confession. When Phil is playing I'm glued to every shot and when he isn't I tune in and out. I'd like to see him play more, and given how rusty he is I don't understand why he doesn't- unless he's hurt- and that doesn't seem to be the case. So...Why doesn't Phil Play more?

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because he is older and doesnt need the money lol He is really just trying to win majors now and he has had some health issues aswell

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i know..but given his issues with 'staying focused on each shot'..i would think that competitive playing would be the best prep for The US Open. I feel like I'm missing something. 

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Sort of like the joke with the old guy telling the doc he can't pee anymore, the doc asks how old are you? The old guy says 87, the doc says I think you peed enough. Phil is in his 40's and like Stricker wants to slow it down for the next 5+ years and then maybe throttle his schedule back up when he's elgible for the champions depending on his health of course but I think that is a probable scenario.

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When you're in your mid 40's like Phil your body just wont let you play that often.  These guys don't just play the 4 rounds of a tournament.  These touring pros typically practice SIX hours a day, hitting hundreds and hundreds of balls.  At Phils age the body just breaks down very quickly when you try to do that

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Yeah, I remember years ago, Tiger talking about how it is actually an attribute, just like having power or anything else, to be able to practice so much without wearing down. This was during the year Vijay was winning everything and he was talking about why he can't practice as much as Vijay. I guess resilience is the attribute he was referencing.
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Arthritis is probably part of it. The other part is the huuuuuuuge amount of money in his bank account that surely removes some of the incentive.
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He's been pretty consistent with how many tournaments he plays in, about 21-23 a year http://www.pgatour.com/players/player.01810.phil-mickelson.html/season


And that's just counting PGA Tour events, he'll still play in two or three European/Asia events and the Ryder/President's Cup.


May not seem like he's playing a lot right now because he's been missing cuts and of the way the schedule shakes out. A lot more can't miss events towards the end of the season, Fed Ex Cup stuff.


Agree with what others have said, there isn't a lot of incentive to play more, it's all about winning more majors.

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I'd say for an elite level golfer he actually plays a hell of a lot. 60 tournaments since the start of 2012 compared to 48 for Adam Scott.  58 for Rory McIlroy who naturally is a member of both main Tours.

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