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Golf Swing Analyzer?

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Are these gadgets that clamp onto your club useful?  There are few reviews of them on the Dick's website and the ones that are seem mixed.  Anyway, I was looking for a tool that I could use to give me clubhead speed readings and these analyzers are one of the things that popped up.  If anyone has tried using one of these things feel free to throw some thoughts out there about what you liked and didn't like.

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If you search for swingbyte you'll see a bunch of reviews on here.  I found it to be too finicky to be useful.

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Please search The Sandtrap (TST) for older conversations\threads on the 3Bays GSA, SkyPro, and SwingByte. We've debated this topic before. All 3 are great and each has their own specialties. Again, this has all been discussed before right here in the TST. I own a SkyPro and I love it. However, the 3Bays GSA is the cheapest golf swing analyzer (GSA) that will give you carry distance which is UNHEARD OF in any other GSA on the market. YouTube reviews also helps. Good Luck.

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