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Ha ha, that's awesome!

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Good ball, IMO.  It's not the softest (spin) or the longest distance ball, but for the money I feel it's a great all around ball.  Spins well enough on a good crisp iron shot, flies well off the tee and distance is pretty good. 



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These balls last me about 3 holes and need to switch out.  I don't swing really fast (average driver speed is 101). A couple of wedges later, the ball is mangled. If your swing speed is slower, this is the ball for you.

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I like the e5's better but both are great for the price check out below



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I play the e5 and e6s.  I feel they are a great ball for the price.  I rely on my short game, and feel I have a great feel with either ball, though the e5 is better.  


I'm going to give the Titleist Velocity a swing my next time out.  I prefer to stay in the 25-28/box range.  I think bridgestone makes a great ball for the price.

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Pgatss has last years e6 at $21.99 and and additional 50% off
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