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Great muni course that's only 4 mins from my house so clearly, I play a lot there. a3_biggrin.gif
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25 km and 25 minutes drive. I would've liked having it closer. Next time I move, I will try to get closer to a course, if I can help it.

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The 2 courses I normally play are both about 20 minutes away - nice drives on mostly quiet county roads.  I also have a good executive 9 hole course about 1/2 mile from my house that I will play when I only have an hour or two.

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I live off the strip in vegas, Driving to courses range from 15 minutes to about an hour (pauite,pharump,boulder city). I couldn't imagine having to always play one course all the time. I like the experience of trying new courses. My goal was to play all the Las Vegas courses on Golfnow but they added the Wynn ($500 a round) to the site so that goal isn't going to happen


must be awesome living in such a amazing place in the world, love Las Vegas.

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My home course is about 10 minutes away from my house... Living in the Palm Springs area (Indio), there are no shortage of courses around me.

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I don't actually have a "home course" as I routinely play 8-10 courses evenly throughout the year. I'm also lucky as we have like 100 courses in NE Ohio, all within 20-30 miles of me - beginning with 10 that are within 5 miles of my home in all directions lol. Definitely golf course overload in NE Ohio, though some are starting to be weeded out, literally, as they go out of business.

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The I have a course only about a mile drive from home.  It's sort of a crappy course, but the next nearest is 20-30 minutes away so I mostly stick close to home.

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30 minutes from house and 5 minutes from office.  Next club I join will be closer to the house.

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About two minutes to the clubhouse if I walk, four if I drive. Happens to be across the street and a bike path from my house.
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I've owned golf memberships at 4 courses since relocating to KC.  I've maintained some for several years, and 1 for only 1 year.  One course has since been bulldozed to build high end homes........since then.............There are 3 upscale public courses within 10 minutes from my home, and I've had annual memberships at all three.  There is a 4th course that is really  nice...it's in that 15+ minute range, but I can't quite get myself to consider this course because I prefer a lesser commute considering how much golf I play.   That extra 5-10 minutes each way really adds up when you play a lot..........


For now, I am good to go! ...........4.4 miles driveway to parking lot isn't bad, and it's the  baddest AZZ course around.   You definitely don't want to visit this course with hopes of posting a good score. 

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I regularly commute 45 minutes for work anyway. All the City of Dayton courses I usually play are somewhere between. My brother and I live in Troy and so we'll play Miami Shores a bunch also just a couple minutes away. 

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All of the public courses near me are between 30 and 45 minutes.  I finally joined a private club this year and my drive is now 6 or 7 minutes, and the rounds usually take considerably less than 4 hours.  So my total commitment went from about 6 hours to about 4.  Also I can go to the range during the week now.

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My favorite course was Blue Heron GC which was 4 minutes driving time from my house. Unfortunately, it went bankrupt 2 years ago. I assume this was most likely due to extreme difficulty and high rates. Locals constantly responded with "Ugh... screw that, I don't have enough balls for that place" when they heard you mention where you're playing. It's now being bought out by our township to be turned into a public park. That was a really sad site to see because this place was absolutely pristine. You wouldn't find one single blade of crab grass on the course's property. Okay maybe you would find a couple of weeds, but just looking around made you feel like the place was manicured with scissors and thousands of tons of Scott's. 

The fairways are now grown over and the only resemblance to a golf course that it has are the pins still sadly in place with white bunkers being overgrown from an aerial view. The entire course also had really nice polished, white concrete cart paths as well. This place had $45,000 lifetime fees. It was still considered a public course, but because of the high rates it had a private club impression that it left on you. Saturday-Sunday rates were $65 for 18, not including cart. Unfortunately, the other public courses offering $40 for 18 including cart put this little gem under and I can only blame poor management. Now there's homes starting in the $400s (with many +$1M) lining overgrown fairways and unkempt swamp land.

That leaves the next best course at about 10 minutes away.

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I recently dropped membership at a private course 5 minutes from my house. On the plus side, I could be home and decide to golf, and tee it up in literally 15 minutes. Hardly ever a wait, and a fine course. On the down side (there were many actually) primarily I am not a "clubby guy", AND, you barely ever play anywhere else. Boring.

So now my home course is my old muni about 15 minutes away. Yes, there is a wait, but it doesn't bother me. I love to chip and putt. Also, this year I'm re-joining old golf buddies that use the OKI Card here in the PNW. There are a plethora of great courses around. Somehow my love for the game really went up when I quit the club.

Go figger.

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