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60-80 yard bunker shot technique

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This shot is kickin my tail. I have had this 78 yard bunker shot with O.B. behind the green and I've put it O.B. 3 straight days.  It seems like it is in that gray area where you can't play it like a true bunker shot or pick it cleanly. I've tried it both ways and picking it cleanly has flown O.B. each time no matter how softly I swing. but of course playing it like a bunker shot leaves it dreadfully short.


My pro was watching me hit the shot and he said that he knew I was in trouble with that shot and he said that is the one shot that he hits where he basically predicts a mishit on the shot. What is a good technique for this type of shot ( club, setup, strike)?

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Pray, then swing and hope?  :doh:


I usually use more club than would be indicated, since I hate playing this kind of shot with a lofted club.  I'll take an 8I or 7I and a half swing, focusing on hitting down on the ball.  I may have something of an advantage with that process, in that I'm a short knocker anyway, with my 8I going a max of 140 yards.  I'm trying to get on the green, but I'll take an easy chip and be happy.  What I really don't want is to only make it halfway to the green (or leave it in the bunker), still leaving 20-40 yards, and that's the usual result if you hit it fat and catch sand before the ball.  


My home course has a par 5 with a cross bunker about 50 yards short of the green.  I've always said that I'll take that bunker on my second, but I don't want anything to do with it on my third.


The best solution is to use good judgement and plan to not be in such a bunker.  :smartass:

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Two ways to play it basically.

1. 8-iron with a hard 3/4 swing hitting not far behind the ball.
2. Chip it (ball first contact) with a wedge.
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