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ball position?

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a question for all lof you.past few years ive had bouts with shanks especially with short irons.they come and go and really wreck your game and mind.i recently was at range working on the short irons and got somew things working right.a guy told me that I should try moving the ball up in my stance off my left heel instead of in the middle of my stance.he said it was one of hogans five fundamentals plus I read Nicklaus kept ball in same position for all clubs.i tried it and it really worked on range.i just needed to slow my swing a lil bit to make sure I didn't pull shot and also aim to the right a yard or two.i guess since the ball position is few inches further forward its hard to be coming into ball with hosel leading the way.any thoughts on all of you guys ball position at address?

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For most clubs, ball will be where the red line is (about 2 balls inside the left shoulder joint), driver is further forward (left shoulder).


 Hitting Up or Down with the Driver in an Inline Pattern 


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I line the ball up with the outside of my right (back) foot. I then place my left heel tight against my right heel. Now I set my stance width and alignment by only moving my right foot.This leaves the ball about a shoe width inside my left heel for every shot off the ground. The key is not to move that left heel once I have placed it.


 As a bogey golfer my swing is too inconsistent to still be unsure exactly where the ball is in my stance.

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