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Returning to golf after 10 years!

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I'm 29 years old and haven't golfed in ten years. Back in high school I was team captain, albeit not the lowest scoring golfer on the team. I decided to get back into the game. I never had a matching set of clubs, and by that I mean really mismatched. None of the irons were even the same brand. 


I decided to get an affordable set of clubs and all new equipment - all the way down to the tees and ball marker. Tonight I hit 100 balls at the range and I'm happy to say I've still got a decent swing. Tomorrow I'll hit the course to play my first nine holes in a long time! 

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Best wishes and have fun.

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Welcome back! Enjoy the game.


I took about a year off because of a bad back and am more addicted now than ever.

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Welcome. I just got back into golf about 6 months ago, from a 10+ yr. layoff...have fun.

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Welcome to the site, and back to the madness!

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Well, it definitely wasn't a great round score-wise, but I had a lot of fun. I went out with my brother-in-law, a first time golfer. We were hacking pretty good. It was helpful to teach my brother, which reminded me of a lot of fundamentals. 


Having a brand new set of clubs was interesting. I had never hit a hybrid before. They pretty much rock. I've never had a strong driver, and that hasn't changed. I have a lot of work to do on the slice. Short game was so-so, but I putted well. No three putts! I also didn't lose a ball, stayed out of the sand and had a few shots that reminded me why I love the game so much. So pumped to get out there again. 

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Just wanted to post a quick update. I've been playing nine holes 2-3 times a week. I have established a "home course" and I've also branched out and played new courses. It's been exciting, and I'm obsessed to say the least. I've hit the range at least once a week, and that's really helped me work through some kinks with a new driver (never used a 460cc previously), hybrids and a full set of irons (instead of my old, piecemeal set). I did discover that the irons I used in high school are Dunlop Tour Max forged irons. Now using perimeter weighted game improvement irons I'm having a lot more fun. I typically play by myself, walking, in the early morning. 


I've got my score for nine holes down to the mid 40s consistently, and I'm pretty happy with that right now.  I'm learning more about equipment and balls and all that. Things have certainly changed in ten years. One thing that hasn't changed is how much fun this crazy game is.

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Good to hear your having Fun, and playin some golf..

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