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My Swing (billbring)

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I'm having lessons currently and my pro is telling me my club head gets two far behind me on the way back. So for example, when the club is parallel with the ground it should be pointing directly down the target line rather then to the right.


I have been trying to correct this over the last week and below is the result. As you can see it is not perfect as per what I describe but if I get in that position exactly (club on target line when parallel to ground) I end up shanking badly every time.  


I'm going for another lesson at the end of the week and just wanted to see what you guys thought of my swing and see if theres anything more I can do to improve this whilst avoiding the shank.




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Hey I hope all is well!  First I want to be the first to welcome you to this site.. You have come to the right place to get some great pointers and really start improving..


Basically just in anything, in order to improve when there are a lot of things that need adjustment is to prioritize.. this of course does two things.. The first it makes sure that you are working on the part that will help you make the changes in the correct order, and the second it will ensure that your time is not waste working on something that really isn't going to help you see an improvement in your game.


Having said all this.. I really suggest you take a quick look at this thread to understand the methodology of how the 5 keys of the golf swing are prioritized and addressed.


Introduction to the 5 Simple Keys® (5SK) Learning System
started on 05/22/14 last post 07/12/14 at 12:34pm 1 reply 3898 views


Just to start you off I think you will benefit greatly by reading the posture thread.. You are not looking at the ball through the center of your eyes, but rather you are straining to see the ball, thus giving inconsistent contact.  Take a look and you are in good hands with a lot of the instructors on the site including the owners @iacas and @mvmac



Good Golf Posture (How to Address the Golf Ball)
started on 03/02/12 last post 07/11/15 at 5:49pm 249 replies 113729 views


Good Luck!

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Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I went to the range tonight and tried looking more directly at the ball so my head was tilted more downwards. It was working really with an 8 iron and my contact was really solid, then I moved to longer clubs and started to struggle with shanks again a4_sad.gif

Any tips on how to stop this happening?
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