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Take a couple of them down to your Golfsmith-type place or the best course near you. They (or the Pro) will be able to quickly determine if they're fakes.



There are thousands of counterfeits on eBay, especially wedges, and I've even come across a Seller who unbeknownst to him wound up with six dozen fake Pro V1s. Any novice golfer would likely not know the difference. 





If any eBay golf club is "brand new" and the Seller has more than one for sale at substantially less than the going price, it's almost always fake. Esp if the Seller is overseas.



Before bidding, always ask the Seller if he can guarantee that the club is authentic. If he doesn't respond in a day or two, it's more often than not a bogus club. 









When in doubt, ask the seller for the Serial #'s..if legit, he/she will be glad to give you them, then contact the manufacture and validate them. I only buy from sellers in the USA, and highly rated sellers, i.e. 3ballsgolf, globalgolf, ect.

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They look good to me. Call Titleist and check the numbers, but I'd say you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy them!!
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Dont worry, if you are even a bit concerned of them being fake, just file an *item not as described* case with ebay. It will cost you return shipping (and if you bitch to ebay they will cover that.)


Ebay always agrees with the buyers, even when they are thieves - which is why I refuse to sell on there anymore.

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Originally Posted by TimATC View Post

They look good to me... 




I agree. The faded numeros are consistent with that model. Also, a fake club will typically have a mess goin' on at the ferrule (where the shaft meets the head). Very unlikely a shyster would go thru the effort/money to re-grip a set of irons he was lookin' to peddle, too. 




You're all good.





Take one more club and get it pin-high, Ricky  ..  












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I personally see no problem with the emblem, and the clubs look to be in decent shape other than a faded paintfill that doesn't affect performance. Having seen counterfeit Titleist irons, they're easy to spot just because the back stuff is usually noticeably crooked. It's kind of surprising actually, when you consider that they're trying to fool you with them. You'd think the ability to place a decal on the back for effect straight would be kind of a requirement to counterfeit something with any expectation of someone buying them. Yours lack that feature, as well as look normal in all other regards, so you should be good to go! Hope you like your new irons!

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