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Pro V1 Balls?

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Whats all the hype about?
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Why not do an internet search?

"Advantages of ProV1"

"Why Pro V1 golf ball"  etc etc.




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Personally I don't see all the hype behind them. Especially for the price. To me lethals or chrome + react the same for cheaper.

But that being said I gave dad a new pro v1x that I had to use last round and hit played the best he has in the past 3 or 4 years.
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Originally Posted by Shorty View Post

Why not do an internet search?
"Advantages of ProV1"
"Why Pro V1 golf ball"  etc etc.


Why search Google when I can hear the opinions of golfers here?
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I find they are the best ball around the green.  There are many threads in this section about them, which is why @Shorty was recommending a search.  They have been discussed many times.


 ProV1 or Prov1X? 


 ProV1's - Enough Already 


 What is the real difference between Titleist Prov1 and Prov1x Balls 


 I might be sold on the Pro-V1 


 Prov1 vrs. Prov1x - What's the difference? 

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Thanks guys...I live next to two golf courses so I find and play a lot of stray balls. Turns out I have a couple of these Pro V1s in my bag! I do notice the Titlelist and Callaway balls I play usually result in better shots.
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I refuse to pay $47 for a dozen balls. I have always played with cheaper balls. I have never been able to stop a ball on the green. Recently found a few ProV1's and played them, have been able to drop and stop shots into the green, short chips check up nicely. I was never able to do this with any other ball. So now I find deals on ProV's, I play "practice" balls, can tell no difference. Also play he "Black spot" balls if anyone has heard of these, and they are great. Also now I hit cheaper balls off the tee and play the ProV into the green, yes I know this is not officially legal. But I don't play in tournaments and I don't lose very many ProV's this way.

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Love pro v1s, can't afford them. If you can find older 3 piece tour balls at the store they can be great deals. I 'm playing Taylormade TP Black LDPs right now. $20/dozen and i get a good penetrating ball flight and good greenside control with them. Would rather play the slightly softer pro v1x but for now the TP blacks are working for my game.
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The Prov1x for my swing has the most stopping power on the green compared to any other ball I have ever played - too much for my 18 HCP and the fact that I am usually short.  I have also driven it very long with a good swing.  It is no doubt an excellent ball for better players, and for some it may be worth the $4/ball.  I find the 2nd tier urethene cover (U/3, Gamer Tour, e5) balls more suited to my game, but if I had a pro's swing I would probably being playing the Prov1 or Prov1x.


I don't buy Titleist's Prov1 marketing campaign, but there is no better (some may be as good) ball for skilled players.

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I made a conscious decision to not ever play ProV1s  for fear of loving them, then being stuck playing $4 balls. However, I played in a charity tournament yesterday and hit my ball into a tree. It apparently never came down but I did find a ProV1x while looking. I grabbed the ProV1x and dropped to replay my shot from the original spot (since my first ball was lost) and played it throughout the rest of that hole. When I got to the green ,I had a chip of about 5 yards to the green, with the pin being another 10 yards from the edge of the green. Generally I will land the ball somewhere midway between the edge of the green and the hole and it'll run out a bit and end up pretty close. Not with the Prov1x. That thing landed and stopped, not moving an inch. Holy crap, never stopped a chip like that before. I put it in my bag and did not use it again for the rest of the round. I can't be falling in love with $4 balls. ;-) 

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