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Don't get me wrong, I can hit my low bounce out the bunker, but it does not pop up and out like my high bounce used to, it kinda flys out low and skids onto the green with no control at all, that's if I don't blade the damn thing and shoot it into the bunker on the other side of the green! I spent a bit of time practising with it but not enough, I obviously have to strike at the ball differently with a low bounce and i couldn't figure it out consistently, whereas my high bounce used to pop out lovely and land softly in the green! I can make room for both in the bag but I guess it's not ideal carrying 5 x wedges! I'll see how they go over next few weeks then decide if I need/could use one somewhere in the middle!
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Ok. I am really limited on places to purchase clubs in my area. Basically have dicks sporting goods or dunhams sports, most of the time there's a high school kid in there that doesn't even know the difference between an girls wedge or men's wedge (yes I asked just to see if he had any clue of golf) so getting any help is pretty much thrown out the window before I get there.



I recommend looking at the manufacturers sites to learn more about the wedges.  Some have excellent descriptions of how bounce works.  Most have the bounce listed on the wedge, like 58 12, but some don't.  Cleveland uses dots, 1 - 3, with 1 being low bounce and 3 highest bounce.  Not all bounce options are available in each loft though unless it is a custom wedge like Edel or Hopkins etc.


Titleist - http://www.vokey.com


Cleveland - http://shop.clevelandgolf.com/club_list/1007/Wedges?gclid=CjgKEAjw8MqcBRCsv5Kf8NCUwlgSJADL4ihhKcN2b29gYE9x5AU3qws5PcFjD-BJA4y-B0dqIIClA_D_BwE


Callaway - http://www.callawaygolf.com/golf-clubs/wedges/


Edel - http://www.edelgolf.com/edel-golf-custom-wedges


Hopkins - http://hopkinsgolf.com/page/index


Scratch - http://www.mcssl.com/store/scratchgolf/wedges


Mizuno, Adams, Nike, Wilson and Bridgestone also have their own wedges.  

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Well I took my old high bounce Wilson wedge out with me, I had a quick knock in the practise bunker before I went out and it worked just as I remembered!
I only landed in 2 green side bunkers and told my pals I'd brought a secret weapon with me today!
got out of both with one shot and both were safely on the green to putt,
Looks like I'm carrying 2 sw's for the foreseeable future!
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