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Titleist StaDry cart bags?

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Anyone familiar with these? I have a chance to buy a new one at a decent price,
I can't find a review anywhere and can't see before I buy!
I've had an eye on waterproof bags for a while, but keep holding out because they're expensive, this ones been reduced plus a further 20% off too this wkend!
Just wondering if anyone can recommend them?
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Anyone? I've only got a day to decide! I believe they're made by sun mountain? So possibly similar to their h2no? Here's a pic
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Well, I couldn't find any reviews! No one seems to have owned one! So I guess I better put some info out there!
The bag is very pleasing to the eye! Looks sturdy and well put together yet strangely is incredibly lightweight! I mean extremely lightweight! (It says 2.6 kg)
Although I've had no rain yet, it does look totally waterproof! The hood is a kind of PVC and all zips are those thermo sealed ones so once hood is on and everything's zipped up Im expecting it to be bulletproof! And it's really lightweight too!
14 way full length dividers inc large putter well that fits a scotty cameron with head cover in nice and easy! The dividers are of a good size and clubs glide in and out with ease! It's also really lightweight for a cart bag !
It has two disguised grab handles at top, plus strap at back, that slots into its purpose built pocket so doesn't get in the way, making it very easy to transport! Especially as it's so light!
So far so good! Now the pockets!
The pockets look bigger from the outside! They're lined and make them smaller on the inside, but I guess that's to enhance the waterproofness of the bag!
It has 2 full length apparel pockets, which is good, as there a bit tight on space, I like to carry extra kit in winter so between the 2 there's just enough room without having to screw my galvins up too much!
2 fur lined valuable pockets, small, but big enough for phone, keys and wallet!
And then 3 pockets of different sizes down the spine, one for balls, two for gloves, tees, accessories etc.
Even when I fully loaded the bag it was still very light!
Umbrella holder, cart strap tunnel, a ring for attaching towel/groove brush! So all in all I'm happy, I expect it to last and keep my stuff dry through the UK's wet climate!
To make this bag perfect?.... Maybe a drink holster? Pen holder? I'm just being picky!
I think it's a good looking, quality bag that has just enough space for winter golf while remaining very lightweight and very functional! Score?... Almost 9 out of 10
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Good looking bag!
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Can you write a review in the equipment section?  You may be the first TST member to buy one.

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Damn! Sorry! I just realised that! If someone could kindly transfer this post over???
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