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Russia: Golf's New Frontier?

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Russia now has 30 golf courses, but is short on golfers.


Paul Sonne of wsj.money details what's going on in Russia: Golf's New Frontier? 



Top-end courses include new Agalarov Golf Country Club near Moscow, designed by Jack Nicklaus. The club charges $200,000 for a membership, with an estimated $12,000 a year in dues.


On the other end of the spectrum, look at the 6-hole Kapotnya public access golf course southeast of Moscow. Greens fees are $3 a hole. Construction company owner Sergei Kryuchkov built it for 10 million rubles ($314,000). An engineer by training, he bought English-language books on golf course construction and figured out how to build tees, greens and drainage contours on his own. (He started playing golf in 2003, but found most new Russian courses too expensive for his tastes.)


Sergei believes more Russians would take up golf if greens fees come down to $30 a round.


If you're interested in Russia or golf, you'll enjoy the article. Includes graphic on world golf courses, and a slide show of Agalarov GCC.

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We could send them some of the trolls that hang around here acting like douches, would that help?
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Caution: Comrade Course Marshal would likely beat severely at the turn for their rudeness on the front 9. This is the Russian variation on tough love.

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But Putin could beat Kim Jong Un's course record!  

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It'll never take off if they won't allow Comrade Putin to play shirtless.

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