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Father's Day Ideas

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I have narrowed it down to three ideas;

1. The 5 simple keys video set
2. Nice tickets to the Constellation Championship
3. A garmin golf watch or similar GPS device

Now just to convince my wife and daughter that these would beat whatever they may be planning.

What is everyone else hoping for on Father's Day?
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Good stuff @gipper ...

Mine are (of the things I can post in public)

A lessons package from instructor
New 3 wood
Unlimited range balls package
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Originally Posted by Gipper View Post

What is everyone else hoping for on Father's Day?


Two Matte Grey shirts. Have a couple already and really like the way they fit.


Getting my Dad a Starbucks gift card.

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I'd like a win in our Winter Knockout Competition final on Sunday morning :)


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My dad doesn't like Fathers day and gets cross if we get him presents. He says it's not a real holiday and was just invented by card companies to make money.

Therefore I don't have to get him anything
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I always hope for something made by the grandkids.  Started out with finger-painted cards.  Progressed to decorated coffee mugs and other art projects or photos. Now that they are almost grown, they take golf balls and draw little pictures and sayings (green Spartan logos from the one at Michigan State or use the ball's #1 and write "#1 G-Pa" or "Hole in #1").  Silly stuff, really, but I like it whether the balls are Pinnacle's or Pro V's.

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My fathers day plans are set.... I'll be on the golf course before 7am.  After playing golf,  I'll take my son bowling for 4hrs.....by then I'll be pretty tired!!


My wife usually cooks something nice....I'll sit in my recliner and eat while watching DVR'd US Open golf on a delay............IMO, this is a perfect way to spend a fathers day.

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I have too much golf stuff.


This is what I have asked my kids to get me.


Mom is not impressed BUT I am hoping my son with disobey her and get one for me.


I also suggested to my son's girlfriend that she should get one for her father.


BTW for those that don't know it is a "giant weed torch".

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I just like to play golf with my sons on Father's Day. a3_biggrin.gif
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