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Flat Left Wrist w/Short clubs

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I've been struggling with my impact position in some of the shorter clubs.  I hit my wedges pretty well, but on video I see some signs of flipping at the wedges - including one GW where my hands were roughly even with the shaft at impact (even though the shot went pretty far).


Where do y'all put your focus when working on the proper shaft-lean at impact?  Do you focus on the hands or on the clubhead?  In other words, are you trying to get your hands forward as a swing thought or more trying to keep the clubhead behind you?


I don't see it in my longer clubs much (if at all) but with my 9 iron and up I'm starting to see some flipping creeping in, and I lose a bit of distance when I do that, but not too bad.


My weight is fairly far forward, but my left wrist isn't flat.  Is there a good drill to isolate this feeling with the shorter clubs?


I hit chip shots with my 4 iron as part of my warmup every time I swing a club, and thats how I isolate and work on my impact position.  However, I'm seeing that good impact position break down more and more as the clubs get shorter and shorter.  My backswing with these short clubs is increasing as well - I think to "make up" for the distance lost by flipping at the ball, but my PW backswing is about 4 inches further than my 5 iron backswing.


What would it be about shorter clubs that might promote flipping?


The "cross-over" point seems to be the 8 iron, and I'm having some annoying distance issues with that club.  I can hit it anywhere from 140ish to 160ish depending on how good my impact condition is.  My 7 iron is a fairly consistent distance, but my shorter clubs are losing distance and I think that its due to a poor impact position.


I really struggled with this in my round this past weekend.  I put a "standard" 56 degree wedge into the water from 104 (about 100) carry and felt the flip and I put a 48* wedge into a front bunker from about 112 to clear the bunker. It didn't feel fat but I'm pretty sure I flipped with both and lost 10 yards or so.


Any drills, thoughts, help etc... is appreciated.  I'm not sure if I will start to see it in the long clubs eventually, but I need to nip this in the bud with the short clubs and my usual drills (chip shots, weight left drills, etc...) don't seem to be helping it.

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From about 70 yards and in (or even longer) it's fine to "flip" with wedges, you should be flipping when you pitch it. I assume you're talking about more of a full motion technique, I'll share this drill



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Thanks.  WIll try it tonight.  I was short on a handful of short clubs this past round so I video taped my range session and noticed my left wrist is breaking down at impact in some of the shorter clubs.

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Interesting, my flipping gets worse with the longer clubs.

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