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I've been surfing this site for a few days and finally decided to introduce myself.

My name's Willy. I reside in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I've been playing golf since The Golden Bear won the Masters in 1986. I'm a retired police officer in the area.

I had previously worked my way into a scratch player. Got hurt pretty bad on the job, had surgery and subsequently hung up the clubs for about 5 years. In 2011 I retired and figured a bit of pain was a small price to pay for playing the sport I grew to love. Worked my way down to about a 4 handicap with lots of practicing and playing.

I had another surgery this past December to replace my shoulder. Kinda odd that a 53 yr old needs this procedure, but it got pretty bad. Sparing the cry baby details, I've been back at it and slowly getting myself back into playing more and practicing.

I was looking around for a golf site devoted to the game and by God, I found it!

I look forward to participating and enjoying the site. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your injuries, but glad to hear that you're playing again.
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