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Yes. "Striking the Match" is something I think about for chipping and even bump and runs at times.
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Don't forget our first goal.  Whatever it takes, get the ball on the green with the fewest shots


. Even if some  pro tells us that he uses his 57.7* bent wedge, that should have  limited value to you.  IMO, as a long time high HC , maybe like  you, we gotta reduce the fear of failure and find the technique which offers us the most control over the golf ball.  


Many of these guys have had a wedge in their hands since the 4th grade but you and i don't have that kind of experience, skill and confidence.  The higher lofted clubs, >50*, take more skill.  And from 100 yards you are probably talking a full swing P wedge, maybe a 9i to an elevated green, into a breeze or across  the pond. Reduce the fear, get it on the green. 


A story told of a well-known Irish golfer on a wind-swept morn hitting into a 137 par 3 and using a 7i. The breeze took it but finally the ball fell onto the green.  Someone said 'what luck'. Luck? the Irishman asked.  'I can put the ball on that green with any iron' and proceeded to do so with the 3,4, 5, 6,7,8,9 and P. 

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As I've stated in another thread, it's generous to call my short game "bad." A bump and run is just out of the question with me. Either I'll biff it short, or over shoot the green, adding strokes. I carry a 56 degree and 52 degree wedge, along with a pitching wedge. I've been using my 52 lately for just about all of my pitching. So when should I be using my 56?

sorry for the late response. i'd recommend using the 56 for shots out of the sand, shots out of the green-side rough since you'll ned as much loft as possible, shots where you don't have much green to work with and you need to stop the ball quickly, or shots over a bunker. i'm not saying that's all you can use it for, but those are the more important circumstances. i probably forgot a few, but these should help

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Depends on the distance generally. Inside of 20-25 yds, I find myself grabbing my 61 degree wedge most of the time for pitch shots (used to use my 56 for these). 25-40 or so, I'll use my 56, and everything above that up to a full swing I'll use my 50. If I need to launch it high over something, I can take a full swing with either the 56 or 61, but the 50 works great in all other instances.

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