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Originally Posted by Lihu View Post


I don't know what kind of IT they did back in the days when there was only one thread running. B-)



I would imagine that there is a lot of actual debugging of the circuits, though. http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/images/h96000/h96566k.jpg


EDIT Oops Multi-threaded computers were around in the 50s: http://people.cs.clemson.edu/~mark/multithreading.html

Duplicating damaged punch cards

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On the mainframe they used MIPS ... million instructions a second ... (still do) 


We used to boot systems from a card deck ... 


I also remember cabinets full of circuit boards.  Used paper loops for the printer ... vacuum tube for tape drives ... etc ...


Its why I marvel at the power of the phone in my hand ... 

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Didn't expect to see this thread pop up here. I'll bite!


I currently program in:







OpenGL (with C++)

HTML/CSS/XML (not actual languages, but related)



Have wrote one or two things in Python, and have done a couple small C apps just for the hell of it. Have modified and added things to a project in VB, but I really don't care for that language at all. Will be learning Apple's new Swift language, which looks really clean, and way less verbose than Objective-C.

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Most of my career has been spent in C++, but these days I write more Python.  Languages from the past include BASIC, Pascal, various assembly languages, C, Perl, TCL.  Recently I've dabbled a bit in Lua and Swift.

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C, Python, Java

Javascript, PHP

C++, C#, Perl,

SQL, x86 Assembly,

Bash scripting


I guess that's it.  I've used a few others over the years but these are the main ones.

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I know,










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Ha.  Lots of programmers here.  I do most of my work in:


C++, R, Perl, Python, Bash


I have in the past done work in:


Java, C, Stata, SAS, C#


I have at some point learned or messed around in just enough to be dangerous:


JavaScript, Go, ML, Matlab


I've learned a tiny bit of Lisp, but almost exclusively from messing around with my .emacs file, which is almost exclusively done with google search, copy, paste.  Though they're not programming languages, I do a lot of stuff in Latex, know a good amount of HTML, though mostly as a screen scraper so you wouldn't want me making you a web page, and know tiny bit of CSS.  And I've done a decent amount of database work in the past so am comfortable with SQL (mostly MySQL).

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Ha Matlab haven't heard of that since college, and data mining.
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