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golf balls to change your game

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I never really took weight of a golf ball in any equation in my game until today and today I learned something, if it helps someone else so be it. Right now I sit at a 15 handicap so take this for what it is worth. A couple years ago ( really longer than that ) I could drive a ball forever off the T and fade it just a far left as it went forward. Yea played a lot of 2nd shots from somebody else fairway or woods. I play left handed. Worked on it and changed balls forever and then found Slazenger and thought I had found the answer. Lost a little distance but lost a lot of fade. Kept on working on grip, stance, feet width ( sorry golf experts I don't bend my knees at all anymore ) and kept playing my " raw distance ball " and got to bogey golf ( I am 66 ) and where I got better with accuracy I kept losing distance ( frustrating ). I played a round today ( not my best front nine ) and was just not hitting the ball as I was playing with two guys just a couple of years younger than me and they were out driving me by forty yards. My control was good but distance sucked. We came to a hole ( water hole ) I knew this hole and always lost the first one in the water. Today I decided to play a " water ball " as nothing lost if it went into the water ( I have a long history with this hole, lol ). I pulled a ball from my lost/found balls and t'd it up. Revelations were about to hit. Par three over the water, ball went straight and a three foot putt for birdie. I always have a spare ball in my pocket and at the next Tee I reached in to grab a ball ( forgot I put the water ball in my pocket ) and had three, two Slazengers and a tommy somebody and that is where I discovered golf ball weight. The Tommy ( I think Amoure or something ) was half the weight as mine and I went "huh ", had never given it a thought in forty years. I kept playing it until I lost it in the woods with a serious hook ( I didn't know I could hook a golf ball, lol ). I found a  titletist and compared weight ( again the serious weight difference ) and played it until I lost it in the woods ( another serious hook from no where ).

I ended up with a nike for the rest of the round and again ball weight was a big difference in all cases. The Slazenger was always twice the weight. What I found was all my work to get control of the flight was worth the effort and since I went to the lighter weight balls my distance was pretty much equal to theirs. I am out Monday to get some new balls, not sure on brand yet, but I am retiring the Slazengers ( too heavy ). They are great for practice and changing your swing, stance, or grip to get control ( your mistakes are not as bad and you can correct your problem(s) and still have a good day on the course ) but if you feel you have it under control, go back to your regular ball and try it.

I have worked on many different things over the past year playing Slazenger, swing, stance, setup, and grip and loved the ball ( ok, gave up a little distance ( 40 yards ) and the ball worked for me. Now I have the control and a lighter ball is in my future as I got my distance back and still have the control. The two guys I played with ( we were put together as three singles ) asked me what I did different from the front nine to the back nine because they saw the difference ( I changed balls was my only answer ). The Slazenger is great for correcting mistakes you want to get rid of, what ever it may be, but know when you have to go back to your regular ball. Ten stroke difference between front nine and back nine with only a ball change, I'm happy.

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Thanks for joining and making such a lengthy first post. I hope you stick around and find many other threads in which to contribute.

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Welcome, let us know what ball you decide on.
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