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Drives Start Straight then Curve Right

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Hi there,


I have a swing thought that I would like some comments on when it comes to slicing my driver.  Any comments appreciated (including you are talking nonsense haha)


I am having an issue with my driver (don’t we all) that seems like it is fairly common – the dreaded slice!  Half of the shots I would normally hit with my driver fly dead straight however every other shot will result in a ball flight that is dead straight for say, 50-100 yards, and then the last two thirds of the flight will see the ball slicing to the right.  All of my irons will fly straight as well as my fairway woods however my driver is giving me a huge problem.  My golf pro has remarked on previous lessons that I have a golf swing that is ‘on plane’, hence nice straight shots with a slight draw shape to them naturally.  For my drives I have tried a stronger grip and having my alignment looked at, which my shoulders were open by the way when using a driver – now fixed which results in a lesser slice, but still a slice nonetheless.  I am having a lesson towards the end of this week but I would like some comments on a swing theory as to why I may be having so much trouble with this club.


If my swing is ‘on-plane’ or slightly in to out naturally it is highly likely that my swing would be the same for my driver than all other clubs. I certainly don’t feel that I swing any differently and indeed any videos that I have taken show similar swing characteristics.  However, as I am hitting the ball on the upswing, could it be assumed that my swing at the ‘point of impact’ is out-to-in as the club would naturally swing left on the upswing?  If this is correct, and if I hit the ball with a square club face in relation to my target with an out-to-in swing path in relation to my target at the time of impact, is it conceivable that my ball will start straight (85% of the initial ball path in relation to club face orientation) and then curve right due to the swing pointing left of my desired target? In this case, should I align my body further right with my club face pointing at target to counteract?


I am getting a lesson with trackman at the end of this week which will no doubt tell me exactly what is happening but could the above possibly be conceivable considering all the advice on here is “you have an out to in swing path” which may be incorrect in a global swing sense? Any thoughts?


PS. I’m a righty haha 

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Welcome to thesandtrap. Hope these answer your questions:

Hitting Up or Down with the Driver in an Inline Pattern
started on 02/25/11 last post 07/15/15 at 9:07pm 288 replies 44028 views

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Thanks for that Billchao! This confirms what my thoughts were. I'll see what happens during my lesson later in the week (no doubt there will be other things which will cause my slice - bah) but a brilliant video nonetheless!

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Also, cheers for the warm welcome!!! :)

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Originally Posted by Lambo View Post

Also, cheers for the warm welcome!!! :)
You're welcome! Hope you explore the rest of the site! Here's another link that my be helpful:
Introduction to the 5 Simple Keys® (5SK) Learning System
started on 05/22/14 last post 07/12/14 at 12:34pm 1 reply 3938 views
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I've done some more research on this and the train of thought of a lot of articles is one degree of open club face to path will cause a ball movement of 4 yards (roughly). With the video above I need to re-align my body by 4 degrees, So does that therefore mean for a 200 yard drive I need to aim by body right by 48 feet at the point where the ball will land?


Sheesh! That seems excessive! Is that really how much you should aim your body? If so it is no wonder I have a love of the next door fairway haha

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Slice is my miss to ,power k setup ,light grip ,feel club head turning over ,avoid dipping left shoulder down to low ,feel right shoulder go back ,keep spine angle behind ball and it feels like head goes out toward tee on follow through works for me to hit a draw

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