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Tales of annoyance from the golf course

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So, today I stopped by a golf course to hit some putts. There is one other guy guy on the putting green. All of sudden the guy has some kind of sneezing fit. He then continues to loudly suck snot between every putt. This continues for about five minutes. Of course, being the mentally disciplined golfer that I am, I ignored snot dude. However, I decided he needed a doze of his own lack of self awareness. I decided the only appropriate action, would be to move up wind of him and, light up a smoke and fart. I wonder if snot dude will be posting here soon.

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I've had a runny nose on the course before and I will tell you that it is no piece of cake trying to blow your nose into a scorecard. I'm certainly not going to get my towel dirty like that either. I'd say that it would be one thing if he was doing it on the course, but on the practice green he might have been in a groove trying to finish before going to blow his nose in the clubhouse.

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I was on the putting green today when some ahole lit a cigarette and passed gas .... J/k

Was on the range the other night ... A guy was hitting his driver ... Pounded the driver in the ground twice prior to lining up behind the ball and the pounded on the ground 2-3 more times on the way to his setup ... And I wear headphones! So I just started doing the same thing ...

I also hate when 3-4 high school age "buddies" show up ... Every other word is F this ... And I cuss like sailor myself, but this is over the top and loud ... Again I wear F'ing headphones ... Not to mention they spew balls all over the place ... Hitting 2 at time and other silly shit ...

Also like the guy that chips by the "no chipping" sign ... Really? I know English is a hard language, but WTF?
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My annoyance tale is from last Monday.  I was put in with a 3 some, Dad (80) son and nephew.  They were fine and real nice.  The annoyance was there was a twosome behind us that we had to let play through on the third hole.  Why the hell didn't the starter put me with them?  Made no sense to me.

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This happened a couple of weeks ago, my brother and I had a 8:20am tee time, it was the first one available on the website.  When we go to the course it was about to rain, but not big deal, we play in the rain.  We got to the course around 8, when to the pro shop and scanned our keyfobs, got our score cards and went back to the car to get our bags and push carts and headed to the first tee.  We no more then got everyday stuff out of our pockets and golf stuff into our pockets and it started to sprinkle, so we put on rain gear and got our unbrellas.  After about a 10 minute shower, rain subsided and we teed off.  On the tee box for the 3rd hole a pair of carts pull up and the guys tell us we are in the middle of a tournament.


We just shrugged our shoulders and kept on playing, but as we get to the 11 hole, one guy from the group behind us, jumps us and said we didn't have a tee time, we didn't check in at the pro shop and we need to leave.  Again we just shrugged our shoulders and played on.  Come to find out there was a tournament, it was a shotgun start on the front 9, our tee time was after the last group teed off on 1.  They didn't tee off on time and were ticked off that we did.  Pretty annoying that we get jumped twice when we teed off on time.

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