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Best Shot of Your Life.... Let's Hear Some Good Stories!

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I'll kick this thread off by saying... I've never had a hole-in-one. In fact, I don't really have any of my own spectacular shots to share. BUT, I have SEEN a spectacular shot. I encourage you to look it up on YouTube. In 2012 I went to the Masters practice round in Augusta, GA and saw Martin Kaymer hit a hole-in-one by SKIPPING the ball across the water on hole #16. It's a tradition for the golfers during the practice round and a moment I will never forget! Share some of your most memorable golf moments on my thread and I hope to get some good stories!
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I've hit a few good shots mostly because I've hit a lot of shots that...well lets just say are not the "smart play" and not advisable course management.


I was playing a guy for $1 a hole and hit my tee shot OB right on the upper 306 yard par 4. He hit the fairway. Then I hit a hook around the very tall tree and over a spring and creek down near the green and on the green (red line). A miss left, short, or long is in a creek and dead. Made my putt to halve the hole.


After also halving the next hole I blocked my tee shot on the next par 5 and was completely blocked out by the tree lined fairway. I saw a small gap between the branches and for some dumb reason I thought I could hit a big slice through that gap and up near the green from 215 yards (green line). When the ball ended up on the green the reaction of the guy I was playing with was priceless when he said "What are you, Houdini or something?"

Goes to show if you do enough stupid things some of them are bound to work out OK. ;-)

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230 out on a par 5 on the right side deep in the trees.  Water on the left and 215-220 to carry water.  I hit a 18* hybrid through a gap in the trees off the pine straw and started the ball over the water and sliced it back onto the green to 10'  (The green is only about 12-13 yards deep and you have to stop it quick).  Made eagle to win some cuts...      Honestly, it was a very stupid shot to try as the smart play was to pitch out to 175 keeping it short of the water and to go for the green to get par from there but that little guy on my that tells me to do stuff I shouldn't was talking up a storm that day (probably why I was in the trees to start with lol)

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When I first started golf 40 years ago, on the 18th hole at Blueberry Hill in NW Pa, I hit my usual banana slice deep into a grove of trees. I found the ball sitting in a little clearing but there was no way I could hit toward the green (couldn't even see the green), so I decided to hit it out sideways through a corridor of trees. I was trying to leave myself a 150 shot in as my third.

I took my usual sucky swing with a 3 iron to keep it underneath the limbs. I hit it too hard. It did another massive banana slice toward the green. My playing partner said, "Nice shot!". A few seconds later he said, "It's going to make the green!" Then he said, "It went into the hole!". All the while I was trying to climb out of the trees. I was so deep in there that I never saw my first eagle. :(

I could hit another million balls and never hit a shot on the green again, let alone into the hole. It was a 90 degree slice.
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Dogleg right Par 5 on my home course.  Pretty good round up to that point, mediocre drive a few yards right of the fairway, about 250 to the green.  I had absolutely no confidence with hybrids or woods back then (about three years ago,) so I pulled a five iron and whacked it.  I thought I heard it hit the cart path (that's well short of the green and to the left) so I was looking around in that area for a bit.  I finally looked up at the green and thought I saw something that looked like a ball just short.  In disbelief I went up there and lo and behold there it was.  It had a huge scuff on it along with some red paint.  Turns that it hit the concrete 100 yd marker in the middle of the fairway and got a heck of a bounce. That's a circle with a diameter that can't be over a foot.  Chipped on, drained putt for first ever birdie on Par 5! 

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Ive only been golfing for a year and a half so, i don't have too many stories yet.  240 yard par 4 water right, bunkers left long, and short. My scramble partners are lodged up close to the green but not on. I take out driver doing at worst I'll just lose a ball. Hit a nice little fade, it curls around lands in the fringe between the 2 front bunkers, hops up on the green rolls towards the hole. Get up there and we have a 8 foot putt for eagle. I go first and miss it by 3 inches short.

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Playing a par 3 in a 35-40mph wind.  Hole was about 150 yards, I hit 3 iron and aim 40 yards left of the hole, the ball ballons, slides right 39 yards, 2 ft, 6 inches and ends up 6 inches from the hole.  The red line from Trackman would have looked like a rollercoaster after that shot.

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I have three that come to mind. I have holed out four times from 60-140 yards but only one makes the list. 


3) Match play event, was 3 down and I really think this was the turn of the match. I had 220 out on a par 5 but it is a par 5 that was set up for a tee shot then two wedge shots. There are very tall trees and it is pretty aggressive to take them on, I usually only see people do it in scrambles but I had to make a move and I was in good position. I flushed a high towering 3 iron and landed it soft on a pretty small green over the trees. Made my 12 foot eagle to his 6 foot birdie putt and it turned around and I ended up winning 3 and 2.


2) This was actually a scramble and I used to be really good at shot shaping. Of course, I had more practice back then. We were 180 out with a good 20 yard up hill shot to a par 4, creek maybe 30 yards away and on the right side under a ton of tree limbs. I hit 4th and had everyone lay up on in the fairway looking at most likely a bogey from 160 out. I ended up pulling off the exact shot I wanted, 4 iron low super-slice that rolled up to the back of the green and we turned a 3 person scramble bogey into a birdie. 


1) One of my last college tournaments I wasn't playing so hot and we had a group of people walking around watching us. Mostly everyone's family and friends. I hit a really fat chunk shot from about 210 out on a par 4(windy day). It ended up in a fairway bunker 64 yards out. I grabbed my 60 degree wedge and threw the ball perfectly past the hole, zipped it back and in. It was awesome to see it suck back and go in. The reason why it is number one though is because it is the only time I had an audience and pulled off a shot like that. People clapped and yelled (like 25 people so nothing crazy) but I didn't know what to do so I tipped my cap because that is how they do it on TV lol. 

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