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Club set recommendation

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I'm currently looking for a new set for myself and my wife. Both of us are in our late 40s and we are about to become empty nesters, so we expect to have more time available. I'm a total newb though, never played golf seriously, and only went to the range few times with zero success. :) My wife on the other hand, played few years in the past, so she can hit but she wants to improve as well. We are both quote short - 5'5" for me, and 5'3" for my wife. I do play other sports such as table tennis (very seriously) and other racket sports.


Given this, what would be a sensible way to start? I'd like to stay below $1k as a budget for the two setups and I am going to get some lessons initially. Your suggestions are much appreciated.

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Well if I started over again, here's how I would do it!
Game improvement irons, 2nd hand, standard lie & loft, 6- pw, regular flex shafts,
No point getting fitted as you don't have a swing to fit to yet! And 2nd hand because you'll save a LOT! No point buying brand new yet because your new to the game and don't know what suits you yet! Calloway do some great GI irons at superb prices 2nd hand!
THEN, your gonna need hybrids, if you can get the 4&5 hybrids matching the irons this will help, not only will they be much easier to hit than long irons, but the distance gaps will be close to what you need!
Then a sand wedge! Get a medium to high bounce one! They're much easier to get balls out of sand and thick rough!
Then, a putter! Doesn't really matter which one at this stage, get one you like the look and weight of!
And finally, something to drive with!
And I would seriously recommend a driver with minimum 12* loft or even a 3 wood to start!
Oh, and a bag, glove, good shoes and a pitch repair tool!!!!
Not sure what facilities/ stores you have round your way, but if you can get to hit the clubs before you buy even better!
Good luck! & enjoy!
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Could not agree more. 2nd hand callaway big berthas or x series, early ping g series are both great choices. A sand wedge is a must, as mentioned, and another place to go second hand. Lots of people love hybrids, I prefer fairway woods. A great point Hardballs brings up is loft is your friend off the tee. Plus a 4 or 5 wood will be much easier from the fairway when the time comes.

Also don't feel like you need to carry your "full" set on the course. 14 clubs can add a lot of confusion and frustration when you start. Carrying a minimal bag on the course will keep your focus where it should be. Striking the ball well.

If I were to start again my bag would look as follows.

5 wood
5 hybrid
6 iron
8 iron
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