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Should I be using a lower cg iron set?

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Wanted to see if anybody had some feedback on the CG of Irons...I am a big taylormade iron fan and have
been using the rocketballz irons for the last year. I like the irons but heard the rocketbladez were a better iron overall, so I ordered a set. After reading about the rocketbladez I found they have

a 6% lower CG then the rocketballz. Everything I've been reading says that a lower CG is designed to lift the ball higher in the air...My issue is I already have a very high launch angle already when hitting my irons and I'm not sure if the lower cg in the rocketbladez will cause me to lose distance...Should I cancel my order? or am I concerned for no reason? Any feedback would be much appreciated...
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I'm not sure myself but maybe some others can help.

Maybe @WUTiger.
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Club designer Ralph Maltby does annual analyses of iron model clubheads to come up with each model's Maltby Playability Factor. MPF gauges the user-friendliness of the clubhead using a 6-variable equation; one variable is VCOG.


For the Rocketballz irons, the VCOG = 0.782".  At 6% lower, the Rocketbladez would have VCOG = 0.735", or about 0.047" lower. The VCOG is just one factor for the clubhead, and does not even address the effect of the shaft in the club.


If you are hitting the Rocketballz decently, what would you gain by moving to RocketBladez? Usually moving from last year's to this year's model doesn't deliver that much gain, unless there's some techno earthquake at play.


I would suggest you the try RBZ and the RBladez side by side and see if there's a difference in performance. That's why we have launch monitors. If you bought the clubs online from a wholesaler, the problem you have is you don't get to test them first.


A TM fitter can measure for what you need, and then order the clubs from the factory to your specs. Unless you get alligator-skin grips and a super-upgrade shafts, this wouldn't cost you any more than buying off the shelf in the store.


(You may want to cancel your order until you do a side-by-side test of the two models). 

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For what it's worth, I play rbladez, and my friend plays rballz, he compared mine to his and preferred mine, he said the felt a touch lighter, but he hit mine further, only a couple of yards, but eminent were shortened half inch, I think what I'm saying is.. You won't lose any distance! And for me it's a better looking club! Probably technology advanced as any club too, so should do me for several years at least!
I hear the speed blade launches even higher!
But I've not even seen one yet and believe there won't much difference apart from the colour!
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I play rocketbladez tour. The shaft is the key as usual. The kbs tour they come with is mid bend so they get up and stop good. I try to not spin the ball back too much so I like them.
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Thanks...great info....think I'll stick it out.
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