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AJ Tech shaft

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I have an AJ 60 stiff shaft in my driver. It's splitting at head. It's done. Anyone know what the specs are on it? Does to 60 stand for 60 grams? Help. Best shaft I ever used in driver but their website is still running 2009 Labor Day sale.
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Yes 60 means it's 60-65 grams

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I believe the AJ60 shaft has been discontinued but has been rebadged and sold under the Ztour55 label. Exact same shaft - but different writing is all. Nominal weight (depending on flex) is 57-61g and torque is 2.7-3.3. Mid launch / mid spin. Probably difficult to source these days - if you can find one then great, if not then it's probably time to move on and get fitted.

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