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Should I upgrade my Titliest DCI irons from 1993? (Stiff shaft not for me)

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I am the opposite of an equipment hound.

My current irons are DCI from 1993.  


I would keep them until I croak, but they are stiff shaft.

I have never been a stiff shaft player, but I didn't care enough to update them.

My driver clubhead speed is about 85-88mph.   6 iron is like 65mph.


Now, the grips need to be replaced, so instead of sinking $50 into poorly fitted clubs, maybe I'll hit up Ebay.

Can someone suggest some decent irons I can buy off Ebay for a good price?

I don't think irons have changed much in 20 years, have they?

I'd get something 10 years old, all I really care about it perimeter weighted and regular flex shaft.


Any general ideas?   

I think I have an old set of Tommy Armour 845's somewhere that have regular flex shafts.  

Maybe I should just use them?

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I would really recommend going through a fitting and seeing what shafts you need.  Even if you don't buy new clubs, you will have an idea of what used clubs to look for.

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I would consider the 845's the basic equivalent of the DCI's. I went to a small golf store back in the day to buy some 845's, and they were out but expecting some any day. I waited for UPS to run and when they didn't bring any, I bought some DCI Gold Triangle with stiff shaft. I still have them.


I think the DCI's are good clubs even now, but there are some advances and if your shafts aren't correct and you need grips, then you are are $150-200 toward a newer set.


I am not a good one to ask, as this afternoon I will be playing with some irons from 1979!

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The DCI blacks were a great set of irons.  I played them for a lot of years.  When I finally changed, I went to Titleist 695cb's......another "players" cavity back.  Very similar playability to the DCI's, and maybe a little softer feel.


Like the DCI's, they haven't been made for quite awhile so you may have to look a bit, but you should be able to find a good deal if you can track them down.



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I would as people have suggested go try some options out, you might really like what you find. The only thing i would say is from your SS being on the low end you might get some very good results from a graphite shaft and a high launching head such as Pings G25s. However, if you don't like the feel of graphite irons or the some what ugly heads of the more friendly irons then don't play them :-)

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I am still relatively young and fit.

I have no interest in graphite shafts.

I can easily add speed to my swing, if I needed to.

I'll think about graphite in a few decades. 

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I was kind of in the same boat.  Had some older irons, and felt it was time to upgrade.  I had been playing w/ X-14s Pro Series, and then Titleist 990s.  This year I bought some Nike VR Pro Blades.  Best move I've made, and got them mint/used for a really good deal.  


There are tons of sets, 1--4 years old, that you can get for a song.  I do recommend saving your old ones, in case you make a bad decision (I didnt really like the 990s).

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Nomo, how are the VR pro blades different than your older irons?

Blades are a bit too advanced skill for me.  I'm about a 13 or so....

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I'd say they of course feel like winners when you hit them.  The distance and trajectory is highly consistent and predicable.  In addition, I gained a few yards.  Though the lofts and weights are different than the older ones.  


Also, don't buy the handicap argument if you should play blades.  If you hit your irons well, you can do blades.  If you aren't consistent w/ your irons, then don't..  IF you mishit a blade, you lose some yards, however, I feel it stays straighter on target.  There are a lot of reasons why your handicap is high, which is why it doesn't really dictate if you use blades or not.  My HC is due to irregular play w/ my driver, and horrible reading puts.  I hit my irons and short game.


Mind you, I'm really comparing to my Callaways, as I never really loved the 990s and didn't have them real long.

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