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No glove golf have you tried it?

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Hi all
I have been golfing for serious for over five years now. Handicap started at 18 went slowly up to 23 then rapidly down to 13. This year I turned up for a club match and used different bag and forgot to pack a glove. It was a hot day and I played well. I turned up two days later for a friendly and STILL forgot about glove. Paid it no mind and played well.
I have played for two months now with a glove and without and I honestly can say it makes no difference. I told my father about it and he tried it and is now on his 10th game gloveless and has reported he too can't fathom out what the difference is. He is a 7 handicap and putts without a glove. I'm a 13 and only took glove off at end of round.
I would be interested on your tales and if you re willing to try it for a while and report back.
I know about freddy couples so don't want to go that route as pros are not us. So keep this about golfers and leave the famous out of it.
Happy swinging.
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Gloveless pretty much from the get go. No stories other than the occasional blisters when playing a lot.
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Hey buddy, welcome to the SandTrap! Glad to have you. Stick around, there's a ton of awesome info here.

The other day, I grabbed my putter and driver to finish a hole so that I could push my push cart into the adjacent hole and not lug it with me and still have what I needed to tee off, except I forgot my glove. I still hit a great shot with the driver, but it felt terrible. I have to say that I'm addicted to the glove...
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I never used a glove. Just seemed like it would be one more thing to keep track of.


I bought a couple of them one time with the intention of seeing if I might like them but ended up giving them away before remembering to get them out and use them.


The one drawback I can see is that I am much more picky about the condition of my grips and the kind of grips I will use than anybody else I know. My grips have to get a lot of traction and would be very rough on most people's hands if they played a lot.

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I avoid using gloves except when it is very hot.  I sweat a lot and will wear a rain glove in those conditions.  One of the Sand Trap members recommended that (forgot who) and it is a great idea.

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I don't wear gloves either. Saves money. I really don't see the difference.
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I only wear gloves to prevent sunburn on my hands.  If practice shed covered, usually, no gloves and i prefer that.  Real cloudy days will find my gloveless. 

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Originally Posted by joekelly View Post

I only wear gloves to prevent sunburn on my hands.  If practice shed covered, usually, no gloves and i prefer that.  Real cloudy days will find my gloveless. 

Do you wear gloves outside when you're not playing golf?
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I used to use a glove but I wore through them too fast. Now I go without and typically don't see any ill effects except for when I'm at the range practicing. For some reason I sweat much more when I'm at the range than on the course. However, I don't see the point in using a glove to practice if I don't use it on the course so I deal with it.

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Don't use one either. I did when I first started, mainly because the guys wh introduced me to the game wore them. I haven't used a glove in years.
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Wait, I have used gloves on two occasions. When I hit an ungainly amount of balls on back to back to back days. 


And those fiberglass rakes, the little shards of fiberglass from the handle that get into your skin? I use gloves to handle the rake. I have both L and R in my bag.


There's a guy on Instagram or Facebook who keeps two gloves and puts each his back pockets so as to better see his hip rotation on DTL video. I think he's a Dahlquist student.

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I feel I grip the club more naturally without a glove, but have had a hard time finding the right grips to work in all temps.  Specifically grips that work when it gets hot.  Now that I have found the right grips, I have been playing without a glove again and will keep it that way.

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I am back to wearing a glove. Keeps my left hand from getting worn out from practicing and playing so much. 

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I just like how the grip feels with the glove, and maybe it is the perceived control I feel with it on.  Although, if someone were to tell me that I could play better without it I might just try it.


For now.. I'll just keep going, and if I do try it I'll try and remember to come back and update here!

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I don't wear a glove for 2 other reasons besides them wearing out fast. One is I hate having one hand paler than the other, which happens when I golf a lot unless I constantly put it on and take it off. Second is that it's hard to find a glove that fits my hand well. If I find one that fits the length of my hand it is usually too loose. It could just be a problem with the cheaper gloves I was buying though.

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I stopped using gloves years ago.  A couple of weeks ago, I played in very wet conditions and used a glove for the first time in 20 years, and it was a help in the soggy conditions.

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Team No Glove!


I started playing golf when I was a starving grad student.  To save money I got used to playing without them.  I only really notice it I've played a lot, like 18 holes on consecutive days.  On the second day, my hands do start to get raw and hurt.

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No glove for me. Not really a preference just with or without golf is the same for me. I did wear one in the past but not sure why. Probably just because I saw others wearing one.

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