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I'm not trying to hijack the thread but also wanted to share a new format (for me at least) that I played in last week.  It was a 4 man scramble with the following rules;

  • All 4 golfers hit off the tee and putt
  • Teams play best / preferred ball
  • Golfer who's ball is being played is not allowed to play that shot unless the ball landed on the green (all players putt).
  • Every team had to use at least 4 drives from each golfer.
  • Handicaps (80%) were applied at the end and prizes were given to lowest net and gross teams.


There was a pretty good bit of strategy playing in this format.  Our team had one 10 handicap, a 16 handicap and two of us were over 20.  The 10 handicap was a very good player so we'd have liked to use almost every drive he hit but the rules precluded him from hitting the 2nd ball which in some cases were more crucial to posting a low score.  Also we had to make sure everyone had 4 drives so in some cases we had to forego the best drive to either make sure our 10 handicapper could swing at the 2nd shot or to meet the requirements of 4 drivers per person.


It was probably the most fun I've had in a scramble format because of the strategy involved.  Once we figured out what each of our strengths were the strategy was to make sure that person was eligible to hit the next shot so we'd be in the best position.