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I had to stop golfing for a little over two years.. In the past few months I have started playing again. After getting my bag out of the dust heap in my garage, I found I still had several brand new, (2+years ago) golf balls in my bag. Since I was just basically getting back into the game, I decided to play these older balls. What I have found is that even after just laying lose in my bag all this time, these Srixon balls still play pretty much the way I hoped they would. "Old Age" has not seemed to hurt them. I don't know how much new technology may have advanced golf balls the past couple of years. I won't know till I run out of these older balls. So, I ask those of you who have been playing for the past few years. Have golf balls improved very much over this two year time frame? What's the "hot" new ball out there these days?