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Buying new iron set. Help needed!

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Hi! First post on the forum (even though i read here all the time). I have just started getting back into golf. I'm 22 and just working on getting back into my groove and get my score down. Im looking to get a new iron set and i have my eye on either the Taylor made Burners 2.0 or the RBZ's.


My question is that i have never bought an iron set by myself cause the last time I got irons my dad surprised me for Christmas and i had no involvement in the buying process. I want to get either one of those two mentioned above but i really wanted to upgrade the shafts to like a KBS Tour series but i don't know if there are places where you can customize clubs or if i would have to buy the shafts separately and do it myself?  


Thanks in advance!

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You can get those made for you. Go get a fitting and you'll go though that process.
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Never played RBZs but I own and use the burner 2.0. Very forgiving and suit my style at address. Also the ball flies on a striped shot.. plus they're cheaper
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And I can vouch for the rbladez! Very forgiving and good launchers! The fitting process will enable you to choose the best shaft for you, often at no extra cost, I ended up with the stock rocketfuel 85g steels! There's nothing wrong with them! But kbs are very popular on tour and I think that's the main reason people choose them!
I would suggest, if you haven't already, to develop a repeatable/consistent..ish swing before splashing out on new fitted clubs though!
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Go and get a fitting because you may find that you can't hit x brand club to save yourself but y brand club works for you great.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you can make big savings by buying one version back (instead of the current model) for losing next to nothing in performance. Of course the draw back is that you won't benefit from changes in shaft etc but if the club works for you as with then that's a bonus.

I had fittings for nike, cobra, Ping, Mizuno and ended up with Titliest AP1 712 clubs with standard shaft and bent 2 degrees upright.

Performance wise the clubs were all close to each other, some I hit great others I couldn't get on to. Tried different shafts and lies etc but in the end went with the AP1's.


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KBS Tour 90 shafts weigh from 95 to 102 grams (depending on flex and parallel vs. taper tips). These are lively shafts, and are lighter than most KBS offerings. You would pay an upcharge, but they would have more substance than the 85 gr. offerings if you find the 85s too light, or you can't feel them at the top.

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