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Top Flite Gamer Tour

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First let me start off by saying I know alot of people like this ball. I am not slamming it, just giving my experience. No one likes a good ball for less money more than me. Found them at Dick's two dozen for $30 and I had a $10 off coupon so I figured what the heck I will give them a try. Also read a good review on them in golf digest. Off the tee with my driver I lost 20-30 yrds, I needed proof of this so I gave a friend one to try. He regularly out drives me by the same 20-30 yards, I out drove him on 6 straight holes. He changed back to his regular ball and out drove me the rest of the day (not exactly scientific I know). With my irons I had to go up a club on every shot while using the gamers. Never really liked Top-Flite balls and these just aren't for me. Anyone else noticed a loss of yardage with these ?

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You made me glad I didn't buy those like I was thinking about when I went up to Dick's Thursday. I went looking for the gamer v2's or whatever I had read about but they didn't have those. Ended up not buying any golf balls because I didn't want to take a chance on something I hadn't heard about.

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Hmmm. I played a few holes with one of those that I found last year and liked it (compared to what my opinion of Top Flight had always been).

I hit a couple of what seemed like normal distance drives with it, but then my driver distances vary a lot anyway so I wouldn't necessarily notice the difference with a small sample.

Didn't like it enough to want to run out and buy a box or anything like that but I thought it was surprisingly okay.

BTW about that same time I played a round with a Calloway tour ball that I found (not even sure which one) and hit some of the longest drives I've hit in several years that day. My playing partner even joked that I needed to go to the store and buy a box of them.

Pretty sure that I was just having a good day. a2_wink.gif
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I played them for a bit and didn't notice a significant decrease in distance.

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I played them most of last season and found that they were long, but not Gamer V2 long (for my 85-90SS). Where the Gamer Tour excels is around the greens with plenty of spin for my game.  Also, when I say "not Gamer V2 long" I mean an average of about 5-6 yards shorter off the tee - still very respectable.  If you are looking for another relatively inexpensive urethene ball to try I would recommend the Maxfli U/3 which is one of the longest balls I have hit, very durable, but a touch less spin than the GT.

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I played the Gamer V2 before Dick's bought Top Flite.  I haven't personally played the Gamer Tour but a couple of guys I know have.   They are raving about this ball and claim it to be the best thing since sliced bread.   As much as I liked the old Gamer V2, I have been thinking about trying the Gamer Tour..

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Shot my lowest round of the year today with the Gamer. Three piece ball for $20 - can't beat it.
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