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Hole strategy?

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How to play this hole?

The fairway has a hard run to the right, it also has a hazard along the entire right side of the fairway. There are trees on the left but you can manage your way out, unlike the right side hazard. What is the best shot on this hole.
I usually hit a cut down the left hand side, the other day I hit a draw down the right side. The cut is much more comfortable for me. Problem is if i miss or its over cooked its heading out. Maybe i should start playing 3 wood and sacrifice the shorter approach shot. It is a 415yrd par 4.

What do you all think?
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What course and what hole? 

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I usually hit the ball flight I think I am controlling best and favor the opposite side from the serious trouble or OB.


If the slope to the right is enough of a factor (?) it might force my hand to play a draw to keep it from running into trouble on the ground even if I was hitting a fade better.


I occasionally go through spells where I am confident enough to aim along the edge of the trouble and trust that I'm going to work the ball away from the trouble (but I am certainly not in one of those spells right now).

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I would say the "best" approach would be a draw that starts on the right side of the fairway and comes in. That way the ball is going to fight against the slope when it lands making it less likely to roll down into the hazard.

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We have a similar sounding hole, one of the worst holes at our course but do the the ground there is nothing they can really do to fix it. There is a line of trees down the left and just left of the tree line is OB. The right side is the woods and everything slopes hard to the right. There is a catch bunker about 200 yards up and the only real flat spot is about 250 out but it is about 20 yards wide. If you go long you are either in the woods, right in front of the green, or in one of the two front bunkers. The best shot is a little draw as it reduces the amount of right bounce when it hits that slope and if you hit it in just the right spot with enough draw it will kick forward and hopefully catch that little flat area. Not a fun hole at all, just as easy to have a little cut and watch it bounce hard right into the deep woods.

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Depends on how I hitting the ball, and what my ball flight is that day. If my draw is working for me, I would play for a GIR. One thing for sure I am definitely playing  away from the right side trouble. Most likely though, I would bit the bullet, and sacrifice distance for control. I would let my short game get me in a spot for a 1 putt par. I do that on longer holes right now as it is. I have a "girlie" club (7W) in my bag that I'm pretty good with. :-P

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