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My club wants to cut down alot of trees.....opinions? - Page 2

Poll Results: Do you think cutting down trees in a parkland course is a good idea

  • 38% (7)
    Yes - trees are awful and should be sparingly used on golf courses
  • 61% (11)
    No - trees are great, learn to hit it straight
18 Total Votes  
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One of my two home courses (Miami Shores, Troy OH) recently had to remove a bunch of trees due to Emerald Ash Borer. In this course's case, things were already pretty wide open. It's a bit of a shame. This ash borer deal has done quite a bit of damage over these past 10 years or so in Ohio. 


That aside, I can't imagine why a high-handicapper would cry too much over removing trees. Trees can make a mess of things especially if they are lurking beside the tee boxes.  

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Cut them down! Cut them all down!!! I always say that I should turn in my 60* wedge for a chainsaw. j/k


As @iacas mentioned, too many trees puts too much shade on the the grass, or at least it does around here.

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Regarding the name of the club and pictures, I could do this but I won't out of respect for the owners.  It is a privately owned club, not an equity club, and I wouldn't post pictures or otherwise identify the club without their permission.  

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if they are trying to restore the layout to original then cut the trees that were added. it can be a tough sell as many people have a love affair with any and all trees.

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i have a love-hate relationship with trees on a course.  The make a lot of shots difficult, especially for people who cant shape shots well but they also stop a lot of those errant drives from going OB.  i can't comment on your course without seeing it but for a parkland course i am generally in favor of trees as long as the ground around them is maintained and not a wasteland for automatic loss of balls and as long as the course generally leaves enough rough between the fairway and the treeline so a slightly missed shot is penalized by a tough lie or line rather than a lost ball

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Tamarack Country Club

Here's an article on trees and golf courses,

courtesy of Tamarack CC in Greenwich, Connecticutt:



The article also has 11 references at the end, in case you find this topic engrossing.

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