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New Golfer

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Hello everyone


I just joined TST and am looking forward to discussing my golf game as soon as I have one.  I am taking my first lesson tomorrow and I am really excited about getting into the game and learning a new sport I can share with my friends.


I haven't purchased a set of clubs, thought I would get a few lessons under my belt and some advice from my instructor before I spent any money.  So if you have any suggestions I would appreciate all comments and advice.

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Welcome to the site! I would suggest making sure you get a driver with enough loft and irons that you like the look of when you address the ball. When you start narrowing it down, this site has some great deals



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Took my first lesson today,1 hour and it went pretty well.  I decided to purchase some clubs so I would be using the same thing every time, ordered a set of Adam's Speedline, they seem like a good beginner to intermediate set.

Now I just need to practice and get ready for my next lesson.

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Well, had my second lesson and did much better than the previous week, actually hit as many good shots as bad, so that's an improvement for me.  I purchased a set of Adams Speedline so this is the set I will be using to learn the game.


I'll keep you posted with my progress and equipment purchases.

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Adams speed lines are pretty nice.. I am looking for new clubs and thinking about them.. Think about doing a review for them after you have used them a while..

When you are ready think of putting up your swing in a my swing thread that would give the chance to many on here to help you out where they can!

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Welcome.  I think you're doing the right thing with the lessons and the Speedlines looks like nice clubs to get started with.  However, while I admire the opinions of many of the folks on this board and believe you would indeed get a lot of good and certainly well meaning advice from forum members, while you're getting started and taking lessons from your local pro it might be best not to muddy the water with too many outside suggestions by posting videos of your swing.  Golf is hard enough without introducing questions and doubts about what you're being told by your pro.  Also, lessons to develop a solid golf swing tend to be cumulative often building one upon the next.  A perfectly good suggestion that is out of the sequence your pro is working in could hurt more than it helps.


Once you are playing pretty good and not actively taking lessons is time enough to post your swing video and find out about all the things you could be doing better.


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I am not sure how to post links from my tablet but if you get a chance check out the breaking bad thread..... It is full of a bunch us newbies who are striving for a reputable game. Welcome to the site and good luck on your journey.
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Welcome to the site. One thing to remember is to be patient with your progress. The golf swing is something that takes time to develop. There will be times that seem like you are getting worse instead of better, but that is part of the game that happens to everyone regardless of their skill level.
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