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'Feel' the weight of the club head

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I thought I'd post this here as I learned something new today and I think it could be something a lot of beginner golfers ignore or have never truly felt

I had to take an important call on the course today (tut tut). While I was on the phone I was brushing the grass with the clubhead using my left arm only. About 20 mins later I finished the call and stood on the tee ready to shoot.

I realised I was suddenly more aware of the heavy weight of the clubhead. I had much less tension in my wrists. I then hit probably the best 5 iron I've ever hit.

I spent the next hour or two really ingraining this 'heavy clubheed' feeling by taking gentle practice half swings with the left arm only and by taking the grip with both hands and making a mini figure of eight shape in front of me.

You need to really focus on the weight of the club head, and waggle it gently around until you can literally 'feel' it's weight and momentum when swinging.

The difference really is staggering. Swing tempo is smoother, takeaway feels much better, confidence hitting the ball is much better. Shots are hugely more powerful.

I now cannot wait to get back to the course and range to make sure I haven't lost the feeling!

I'm really surprised there's not more drills and instruction out there about this real 'swinging' feeling!

If you're thinking 'of course it's a swing.. What is this guy talking about?' then I really recommend you give it a try. I really believe I may have stumbled across the secret ingredient!

Mind you. Probably lose it again by tomorrow. That's Golf! When you finally think you've cracked it you'll be reminded what a cruel game it really is a1_smile.gif

Seriously though, try it. It seems to be working great for me so far.
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Congratulations on finding golfs secret ingredient! Can't believe ya told everyone! The tours gonna be so much busier now!😂
Only joking man! And good luck with that!
I cannot count the amount of times a swing thought has entered my brain, improved my swing, for it then to be replaced with another swing thought, it's a constant cycle! But your right! I've done this one too!
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I have an old 1927 wedge called a Mammoth Niblick. Its in a glass case now, but when it was given to us as a gift, I had to swing it and measure it. The swingweight is an F. It has a 22 degree bevel and took an 18 inch divot out of my yard like it was cut with a knife. Whenever I think of feel in a club, I know thathaving a C or even a D is relatively light weight stuff.
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I've had that same "feel it" thought and it helped temporarily. One point of caution, in time that "feel" thought lead me to start casting the club more. You feel the club better and better when casting, buts it's a consistency and power killer. So, combine that "feel" thought with the "pump drill for lag" you'll find on YouTube to ensure no casting. That drill that has helped me more than any other.
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