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I changed my top end some, mainly the 3w. I got tired of not being able to use my 15 3w on downhill sloped fairways.

Its all TM
3HL (17)
17 hy
20 hy
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9.5* TM 580, 15* Goldwin 3 wood, TM 7 wood and a 3 iron. Don't like the 3 wood off the deck, I hit the 7 wood 225-235.
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Last year at one point I only had a 5 wood and hybrids in the bag. Now I'm currently carrying;

Driver 9.5*

3 wood 15* 

3 hybrid

I don't even keep my 3 iron in the bag cause it never gets used. I am looking at replacing the driver to something with a touch more loft. Maybe a 10 or 10.5 

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Nike Covert set at 12.5*
Cobra Baffler T Rail 3W 16* and 5W 18*
Cobra S3 Max 4h 23*

I honestly could do without the 3W but I have room in the bag so I carry it. The 5W is more reliant if I want to lay up and not much shorter. Off the deck I wouldn't even dare hit it. It's main use is one long par 3 at my home course 215 yds. It seems like there's a gap between the 5W and 4h but the S3 flies off the face. I hit the 5W about 200-205 but the 4h is right there at about 190
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Cobra Bio Cell+ driver, Nike Sumo2 5900 3-wood, TaylorMade Burner 3-iron rescue. It's an interesting combo. The 3-wood is probably my least favorite and definitely least used of the three. Unlike others in this thread, I'm much more comfortable off the deck with it as opposed to teeing off with it. I do have a tendency to hook the shit out of it once in a while off the tee, and I don't normally need it aside from that, so I don't use it much. There's a par 5 at one of my courses that I can reach with driver and 3-wood, but that's about it. I never got it regripped, and the stock grip is absolutely terrible, so there's also that.

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TM Jetspeed 9.5 AD DI 7x

TEE XCG7 4 wood, 16.5, BiMatrix Hulk Green XS

Tour Issue Adams VST hybrid, UST VST 85X

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