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My Swing (phillyk)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 14yrs

My current handicap index or average score is: +2.6

My typical ball flight is: High draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slice




Today was very windy!  I mean I could feel myself shaking today, but I wanted to finally record my swing and post it here.  So that's what I did.  I'll make some more videos when its not so windy.  This swing as with the next were a bit over the top swings.  Might be because I rushed a bit.  This was my 8iron, which typically goes 175.  This ball flight was what i wanted, but it started a little too far left. Not bad though.


It's weird to finally see my swing and slow it down to see specifics.  I do have a funkyish backswing, but i seem to set well at the top and follow a decent plane on the downswing.  I am working on shortening the backswing a bit.



This drive was a huge hit (went completely through the range), but it did have a 5-10yd fade, which is sucky.  I want it to be straight if not a slight draw.   But it was really close.  I felt myself have a bit too much weight back, which helped to not make a proper turn though the ball, i think.  I have to make a bit smaller backswing and feel my right elbow drop a bit more, and keep my weight shift steadier.  My buddy calls me "squirrelly" in the legs. Im also trying to work on not being squirrelly.

Like I said earlier I'll get some more videos and different angles too.  My main focus right now is to get my driver a bit more consistent and get my approaches tighter.  I can hit greens fine, but I want better opportunities for birdie.

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To things I see:

1) check out the thread on filming your swing. It shows you where to set up the camera.

2) set the camera horizontal instead of vertical.

I am not an expert, but if you do those things it will be easier for the guys in the know to help.
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Agreed with @14ledo81. Virtually unusable from those angles.

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All right I can try and get that done tomorrow, maybe I'll even Vlog it.  We'll see.

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Originally Posted by phillyk View Post

All right I can try and get that done tomorrow, maybe I'll even Vlog it.  We'll see.


A vlog would be great!



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I don't think Bubba would say your backswing position is strange. That said, I agree with other, take better video and you will get better help.

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Well I don't want to wait 'til youtube updates the videos, so the videos may be kinda long with me setting up. I took these while out playing today.  I was paired with people who left after 9, so I was by myself in the middle of a busy day surrounded by 4-somes on the back 9.  So, I decided to take some videos.  I didn't do a vlog, because my equipment isn't good enough for it. Plus I'd rather do it towards sunset when the course is empty and can take my time.  


Let me first say that it's obvious I set up way right, and that is something I will address at my next range session.  This is a dog leg left, run out of fairway at 275.  I ended with around a 290 drive, so in the trees right.  The ball flight was a very slight fade.  Not a horrible shot though because it started on the line I wanted.



 Yes the camera is not level... This is a straight hole, fairway slopes right to left hard with water left.  So hitting the right side is essential.  The ball flight was straight here, but a slight push, just right of the fairway.  If the yardage is right on the course, doubtful, I hit it 310.  But it was still a good hit.



Another relatively straight hole. Short though, only 305.  This definitely felt like a miss-hit, a low liner 10yd draw.  But, I was barely in the left rough with 10yds to the green.


Overall, I think I need to work on my set-up, and insure my club starts from the top correctly.  I feel like I come over the top quite a bit. What can you all see?

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It looks to ne like you really go after the ball.. You also seem to hit it very well..

I will leave it up to the experts to detail things for you, but some of the things that really stand out are:

The flat take away and re-routing of the club.. Seems like wasted movement, but maybe it helps you with timing..

The other one is how you pretty much lost your balance at the end of each drive, I don't think you see that with many pros if any, and you basically land on your Back foot instead of your weight shifting to your front foot..

Do you have inconsistencies with ball contact? For a plus 2 anyway?
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I'll get some good iron shots in next.  Maybe that'll help.  I usually go after the driver a bit, and irons I really focus on contact and timing, so I'm not as much off balance.

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Good on ya for being a + becuz I could set the over under at 10 and take a lot of action on the over with that motion.-lookin forward to seeing the irons
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Originally Posted by phillyk View Post

I'll get some good iron shots in next.  Maybe that'll help.  I usually go after the driver a bit, and irons I really focus on contact and timing, so I'm not as much off balance.

Fair enough, I also took at look at your 8i video and you are right you look balanced there, but it would be nice to see from FO!
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Originally Posted by Phil McGleno View Post

Good on ya for being a + becuz I could set the over under at 10 and take a lot of action on the over with that motion.-lookin forward to seeing the irons

Yeah my driver is really shaky and it has been my biggest problem recently.  But, I don't need to use it that often on courses I play, because I can use my 3 driving iron or 3 wood and get to the spots I want to be at.  Today was an improvement.  I set myself up better and am working on balance in the driver.  I didn't video anything, so I'll get it next time. 

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All right, hit the range for a few hours today to work on alignment and weight shift, and it's getting better but not 100% yet.  In the following videos, I used my 8iron and Driver.  All the shots started a little left and faded back to my intended line.  Not the ball flight I want, but like I said, it's closer than before. Some of the videos may not have updated yet, just fyi.




So, the weight is still too far back at impact I think, so its a working progress. Next is 8iron.




My short irons are usually fairly solid, it's just the fine tuning of longer clubs that need help.

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Did something different today.  I focused on keeping my wrists steady and finishing my back swing.  In the vids you can see that when my club is parallel to the ground right after I start bring the club back, my clubface points straight up when it should point closer to my spine angle I think.  So I worked to get that better, and then finishing the backswing so that the top of my swing with the club points at the target to set my hands/club to go down.  As I stated in the played today thread, I shot a 69 at my home course.  First time i played a serious round in like 2 weeks.  All my clubs straightened out nicely including some really great shots!

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Boy I got it back today!! Finally started to hit quality shots.  Played a 71.6/132 track, and shot a 71.  It only gets better (or worse, depends on how you look at it) from there.  I had 14GIR, BUT 10 of those greens gave me less than 10ft for a birdie putt! 10 great opportunities for birds and I made only 3 of them.  The flat stick let me down.  I even had a 3 putt today, with a total 32 putts.  Short game held up for the most part. Long game was great today.  I worked on keeping my wrists quiet and finishing my swing, it allowed the club to square up nicely at impact.  I played a soft fade the entire time.  I had a good time today, but now its time to work on putting and keeping this swing solid.

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I should also note, that reading Lowest Score Wins, helped quite a bit in my game plan.  So thanks @iacas for that!  I played driver off most tees because there wasn't a terrible amount of trouble at those landing zones and it left me easy wedges that I stuck almost every time.  Typically I played to 150 because i like that spot, but now its go ahead and rip it when you can because the closer you are, the more likely you are to hit the ball close.

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Well just got over some recent vertigo, and managed to get out and play today.  It was very windy! The ball was swaying a little on the greens without me touching it.  But, I managed to play well.  I've decided to give up on hitting a draw with anything and play the fade. It's more consistent and i don't have to mess with stuff to get it going.  Played blue tees today, which is around 6300yds, 70.3 rating.  I didn't want to play the tips because I wasn't sure how functional I'd be walking.  But I shot a 69, with 15GIR, 11FIR, and 30putts.  I definitely left some shots out there, but I'd played the fade off the tee every time and it worked very well! I was pleased.  Just got to grind a little more on my approaches and don't leave them so far from the hole.

I'll update my swing videos when I can.  But right now, I've been working on aligning my feet and hips toward the target, making sure my wrist doesn't get too loose on the backswing, and make sure my arms make it through impact before my hips.

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Thanks for posting your progress.

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