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Apollo shaft question...

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Hey guys just had a quick question. I have some irons that need to be re shafted and I was wondering if the Apollo Shadow FL shaft is of decent quality? If now what are some recommendations. I'm looking for a lightweight graphite shaft if possible. Thanks guys!
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If those are the white graphite ones that cost about 14 usd, they have a lot of torque in them. That often ends up spraying left and right.
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Yes they are the white ones so we are probably talking about the same ones. Thanks for your input! I really wanted a graphite shaft for my irons that are preferably white (even though i wouldnt mind black...I know thats being very picky) and I am more concerned about performance than color but that would just be an extra bonus. I have went to a fitting and was told the "KBS Custom .355T" shafts were one of the top ones for me and then the "Graphite Design Tour AD 85 .355T" however they are a tad out of my price range at the moment.

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I think I dog eared a page in a catalog refering to a colored line of low torque graffaloys for irons. I cant remember, but it would be typical of me to only mark mid bends.

I dont know if the site has a procedure for this, but I have a set of GI clubs with that apollo fl I could pull for you. 5-pw. I just need some iron to put back in them.
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Yea i know they have the Grafalloy Blue (for help with getting a higher shot) and Red (help keeping the ball low) while also having a Black one. If i cant find any white shafts that fit my needs ill probably just try the Black Pro Custom

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I did some looking in my catalogs. The grafs I was referring to are the new, 2.0 torque high bends they are bringing out to renew interest in their lineup. I didnt see a white setup that I would refer to anybody. You can have the shafts covered with anything you want put on the shafts with hydrographics however. Its how they do most of the fancy stuff anyway. Just use solid white on shafts of your choice.
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Apollo Golf has its roots in the England. In the early 1900s as Accles and Pollock, it got the first patent on a tubular steel golf shaft.


The two owners worked with True Temper, initially making shafts for the non-USA market. In 1988, the AP entity split with True Temper and became Apollo Golf. In recent years, Apollo merged with Hireko Golf.


For Shadow and Shadow.FL shaft specs, check the Apollo website: http://www.apollogolf.com/ 


I have no personal experience with Apollo shafts.

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