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Anyone use a Zepp? How accurate/consistent is it?

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Namely the path tracing I'm interested in. I think this is the doo hickey in the Apple get your butt off the couch commercial.



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I am a little surprised that more of these are not available on the market. The value has to be in the software because the hardware shouldn't cost more than $3-$5. 2 accelerometers and a 3 DoF Gyro, some flash memory and a battery. 


I would have to ask some friends why they need 3 chips rather than having one 6 DoF Gyro.


Even if we say the sensor cost $10 that is still $140 in software which means there is room for competitors to come in. 

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I saw that before too and was curious.  Too pricey for me though.

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I have one, but I found it hilarious that it was advertised on the Apple commercial as if it is exclusive to the iPhone. I use it with my Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android). I found the club speeds were way optimistic. The swing path data is interesting and helpful, as it shows when you are clearly over the top. Other than that, I don't find it very useful. You have to input club data manually if it isn't found in their database, and even then club speeds were optimistic compared to a Doppler radar.
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Is anyone familiar with this swing analysing gadget? My friend just recieved one for Christmas, he's a bit disappointed because he wanted game golf, but I've had a look online and it looks an interesting bit of kit. Anyone here use it?
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I looked at it. It requires that you wear a glove. Sometimes I don't wear a glove. On the range I wear a batting glove that fascens in a different place. Sorry for my spelling today but eht web is lgging like mad. I can't see what I'm typing for several words.


I bought a 3baysGSA Pro for a good price for Android phone. While it's a bit more money, it's supposed to be a bit better. Video is nice but you can have two identical looking swings that have different results because of something you did. I can't have a teacher monitoring me every session. So I have to monitor myself. My idea is to get good numbers and swing diagrams in the lesson and set them as "standard." Then work to groove them in between with the drills assigned. Unfortunately I won't be able to try it out for a few weeks due to an injurty.


The numbers can be meaningless unless you know what you're looking at. Getting together with a pro who uses at least a launch monitor, Flightscope or a Trackman for a lesson would help since they record similar numbers, and he can tell you which ones are important.

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My gf got the Zepp for me earlier this year (I think it was for Valentine's Day) and whereas I don't use it much, the only real complaint I have is that the battery drains very quickly if you go a while without using it.


Otherwise, the software is cool and I like to be able to see my swingpath from multiple angles. 

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