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Ripped strap

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One of the straps on my bag ripped, but it looks like it can be fixed. It definitely doesn't warrant a new bag purchase, nor would I want to get one because it's an awesome bag and there is literally nothing else wrong with it. As you can see, I tied the strap around the bag handle, which has been an acceptable short-term fix, but I want to fix the ripped strap at some point. There are actually two problems here:


The first problem is that the little strap holding the plastic thing in the first picture (no idea what its proper name is) became undone. It looks like that is pretty easily fixed since a sewing needle could get in there without much trouble. It's the second problem that worries me: that small strap is starting to tear from the bag (second picture), and I'm not sure that could be fixed as easily. Could a tailor/someone else do it? I don't think reattaching the plastic thing would be difficult, but eventually, the entire thing would rip off of the bag itself.



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I would take it to  a shoe repair shop, they deal with tougher materials than a tailor does, hence they have heavy duty needles and thread...

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Similar thing happened to my bag earlier this year, used it as a excuse to get a new bag. But if you are satisfied with the bag you have I'd also recommend a shoe repair shop.

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Thanks guys, seems like a shoe repair shop is probably the way to go. I got the bag as a Christmas present in 9th or 10th grade so it's lasted me like 6 or 7 years so far, and I'd like that trend to continue!

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A shoe shop is probably good; another suggestion would be an automotive or marine upholstery shop.


As far as DIY, comparable strapping can be found at ACE hardware, but the problem is finding suitable thread and needles. May actually be cheaper to get it done at the suggested locations.

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