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My Swing (Mitch360)

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I've been Playing Golf for: 2 years ​ 
My current handicap index or average score is: 20ish
My typical ball flight is: fade
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat shots / occasional hook


I really struggle with a 'bobbing head' during the swing and wobbly legs!! hitting fat shots is also a problem for me. I really find it difficult to get my swing bottom in front of the ball, unless I put the ball in the centre of stance or even further back

Also, I find that in order to hit a straight shot I have to take the club away on an inside plane, and attack the ball from a overly inside path. No one else who I play with feels they need to do this.... Does anyone know what could be causing this.

My inside swing path means an occasional pulled shot. But I'd rather this than a terrible slice, which is what would happen if I aimed for the absolute back if the ball.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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I'm no golf pro, so my advice might not be perfect, but theres a few things I would definitely say you can improve on from what I see.


First of all - with a swing like that I have a hard time believing your handicap is a 20 (it definitely looks pretty good)


Now for my advice, you should work on getting your hands deeper in your backswing. A good full turn with your hips will definitely help you get the hands where they need to be. This threads explains that a lot better and if you look for the videos involving the 1st key you'll see a lot about the hip turn.



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Thanks for the comment. I've just read the post you pointed out. It's a good post, I'm going to try it at the range.

Swing is OK. But it's nowhere near as consistent as it should be after 2 years of golfing.

Thanks for the feedback.
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It looks like a pretty good swing to me. I'm thinking your ball position is a bit forward in your stance which could explain a lot. I'm curious what you mean by bobbing head. I'm curious what others think. Are you familiar with 5SK?



Introduction to the PureStrike/5 Simple Keys® (5SK) Learning System
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