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Jesper Parnevik Falls off Segway, Breaks Rib

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Jesper Parnevik has a quirky sense of humor, so it’s sometimes hard to figure what he finds funny.

Take this video Parnevik, a five-timer winner on the PGA Tour, posted of a recent Segway ride gone sideways and a spill that left him with a broken rib.

“Haha, of all injuries I’v had, this is the most ridiculous!! Broke a rib and had to withdraw from all events this month,” Parnevik said in the caption.

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Oh Jesper, you and your shenanigans
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Google Segway and accident and many hits. Lots of people can't immediately get used to the self balancing feature.
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Broken rib, not hip....


Lucky it's not worse though.  Those old bones can be a little brittle!  :-D

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When I was in fourth or fifth grade, one of the inventors of the Segway (or he could have been a financier or something) did a presentation at my elementary school. Never got to actually ride the thing, which was tortuous to a group of nine-year-olds.
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A little magic volcano ash, good as new. a1_smile.gif
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I got to ride one of the prototypes when I worked building circuit boards. The are decievably quick. They can go as fast as 17, that's what we were told.
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Yup, totally dangerous. Almost every major city had banned them within a week of their release. Funny, considering the inventor's original idea was to create a new mode of urban transportation.


I used to ride them down in Walt Disney World. They had governors on theirs so they wouldn't exceed 6mph. Still, one lady on a tour fell (which was weird, because it was towards the end of the tour, so it's not like she couldn't handle it or anything). I don't think they have them anymore.


I'd still own one if I ever got the chance.

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I saw them in Wash DC a couple of years back.

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He's lucky he just busted a rib based on his full weight landing on the handle.  If a broken rib is as painful and slow to heal as torn cartilage between the ribs then he's going to miss more than a month.

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I've seen em all over in DC this week.
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